#1 AI Recruiting Solutions

Hire perfect fit employee with 10 AI Interviewers

  1. Get ready for the interview in 5 minutes
  2. AI resume screening, Auto-generate 10 questions
  3. Save up to 80% of interviewer time and budget

AI Powered Hiring Process


Step 1

Create a list of questions

Step 2

Send interview email


Step 3

Conduct an AI Interview

Step 4

Submit interview video

Innovative HR Solutions

Scalability & Efficiency

As the number of applicants increases, it can be scaled to meet demand without the need to hire additional human interviewers. It can also conduct interviews with multiple candidates simultaneously, saving hiring managers time and resources.

Multiple Language Support

In addition to 2D AI Humans that speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English in their native languages, 3D Humans that speak more than 200 languages around the world can provide consulting services.

AI Interview Questions

AI auto-generated interview questions is that it saves a significant amount of time for the interviewer. Instead of manually creating questions, the AI algorithm can generate a list of relevant and tailored questions based on the candidate's experience.

Cost-Effective Recruiting Solutions with AI

Automatic Question Generation

Extracting a set of suitable questions based on the uploaded applicant's resume

Easy Interview

When an interview question is emailed, the interviewee submits the interview video immediately after answering


AI analyzes the applicant's propensity and characteristics based on the applicant's interview answers

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