Revolutionizing Customer Interaction: NH Nonghyup Bank Embraces AI Human TTS Technology


NH Nonghyup Bank embarked on a transformative journey to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. They leverage cutting-edge AI Human TTS technology developed by DeepBrain AI to keep providing the best customer support while also alleviating employee workload and work fatigue.

Introducing Lee Rowoon: Your AI Banking Companion

Casual Conversations with an AI Twist

Introducing Lee Rowoon, the AI-powered banker from NH Nonghyup Bank. Lee is equipped to handle a wide range of customer queries, engage in casual day-to-day conversations, provide detailed information about financial products, and even guide customers to the nearest branch. With Lee's assistance, NH Nonghyup Bank is revolutionizing customer interaction and streamlining operations, all while delivering personalized and high-quality service.

Branch Guidance Made Effortless

Discovering Branch Locations, Simplified

Lee Rowoon serves as a digital guide when customers inquire about branch locations. With a wealth of information at his virtual fingertips, Lee Rowoon provides customers with the relevant details they need, ensuring the smoothest experience possible.

Beyond Conventional Services: AI Redefining Banking

Empowering Customers with Comprehensive Information

As an AI banker, Lee Rowoon offers more than just basic branch location information. He is knowledgeable in guiding customers through various financial products and services. Whether customers are seeking advice on investment opportunities, exploring different savings accounts, or understanding loan options, Lee Rowoon provides accurate and detailed explanations through simple and easily accessible conversations.

Seamless Contactless Services

Issuing Cards with a Digital Touch

NH Nonghyup Bank recognizes the significance of convenience in today's fast-paced world. AI Lee Rowoon plays a vital role in facilitating the creation of contactless cards. With a few straightforward steps and the guidance of AI Lee, customers can enjoy the benefits of their new cards without the hassle of lengthy traditional processes.

Empowering Internal Efficiency

AI Integration within the Bank's Core

NH Nonghyup Bank recognizes the potential of using AI beyond customer interactions. The AI banker system has also been integrated into their internal operational systems to assist employees with day-to-day tasks. By setting up basic parameters such as appearance and demeanor, the AI banker can efficiently execute scripted events, thus enhancing operational efficiency and employee work satisfaction.

Crafting Tailored Experiences with AI

Delivering Engaging Events with Ease

NH Nonghyup Bank is using AI to create personalized and engaging experiences for both customers and employees. An AI banker, such as AI Lee, can deliver scripted events like virtual seminars and interactive demonstrations while being fully customizable, from appearance to personality.

Experience the future of banking with NH Nonghyup Bank's AI Human TTS technology, where cutting-edge innovation meets personalized customer and employee care. Join us on this exciting journey to redefine the banking landscape.