AI Video Translator

Translate on-screen text and AI voice narration into a multitude of languages effortlessly. Video localization & translation made is made easy with AI Studios' One-Click Translation.

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DP World
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The Times Group
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Magic EdTech
APMG International
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Instant Audio & Voiceover Translation

AI Studios' one-click translator instantly converts audio from the original language into a voiceover in the target language within seconds.

Automatically Translate On-Screen Text

The automatic translation process isn't limited to just voiceovers. AI Studios can also translate all on-screen text elements and subtitles into the target languages.

Multiple Languages at Once

You can translate your videos into multiple languages simultaneously with just a few clicks. Localize your content quickly and easily.

How to Translate Videos with AI Video Translator

Getting Started

After completing your video edit, click the 'Export' button to find the "Translate to" option.

Select this to view a menu listing all available languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

Customize Translation Settings

Select one or multiple languages for translation. If you want to keep the original on-screen text's language, click 'Options' and toggle 'Only Translate Script.'

Note that each language chosen is considered as a separate video and equivalent credits will be deducted.

Generate & Share

Click 'Export' to process your videos. Generation time varies based on video length and selected languages. Find your translated videos under the 'Video' tab on the dashboard if they don't show up immediately.

That's it! Your videos are now ready to be downloaded and shared.

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Benefits of Instant AI Video Translation

Translate your videos faster than ever before.

Speed and Convenience

Reach global audiences quickly with just a few clicks.


Cut costs with automated translations and minimal manual editing.

Create Once and Reach Many

Creating videos in multiple languages takes only the effort of one project.

Improved SEO Performance

Boost visibility and engagement with multilingual, localized videos.

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AI Script Assistant

Grammar check, translate text, and brainstorm video ideas all within our editor.

Multi-Avatar Scenes

Include multiple avatars in your video scenes to direct and create dynamic conversations and storylines.

AI Art Generator

No more endlessly searching for the perfect image or video. Generate custom, on-brand visuals and videos by typing in what you need with our AI-driven art generator.

Brand Kit

Import custom fonts and company logos directly in the editor for greater creative control, visual impact, and brand consistency.


Generate video captions with a single click for accurate transcriptions, making your content more accessible and engaging.

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Automatically add captions to your screen captures, enhancing accessibility and reach.

Text to Speech

Convert text into natural, lifelike speech.

AI Video Generator

Create professional-quality videos all from your browser—no cameras, mics, or actors needed.

Deeper Learning

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

How accurate are the translations provided by AI Video Translators?

The translations are highly accurate, utilizing advanced AI language models that understand contextual nuances. However, for highly technical or niche content, manual review is recommended to ensure precision.

What are the costs associated with using one-click AI VIdeo Translator?

Credit consumption for translations is based on the number of languages you choose. For example, if your original video length costs 1 credit per minute and you translate into three additional languages, it will cost you 4 credits per minute (1 original + 3 additional languages).

Can I translate my video into multiple languages at once?

Yes, you can select multiple languages for translation at one time using AI Studios' One-Click AI Video Translation tool. This allows you to create several versions of your video, each in a different language, simultaneously.

What is a AI VIdeo Translator?

The one-click AI Video translation feature in AI Studios allows you to automatically translate the voiceover and on-screen text of your videos into various languages with just a single click, immediately after selecting the desired languages.

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