Participating in 'UHD Visual Tech Forum'

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May 21, 2024
May 21, 2024

▶ Preparation Event for Next-Generation Broadcasting Industry Leap with Integration of Generative AI Content Technology... Only Korean Company in Attendance

▶ Introduction of AI Anchor Chunli Developed with Beijing TV, Presentation on AI Video Generation and Productivity Enhancement

▶ Progression of AI Human Technology Development, Introduction of Industry Growth Potential and Deepfake Detection Solution Services


On the 27th, DeepBrain AI (represented by Jang Se-yeong), a domestic specialist in generative artificial intelligence (AI), announced that it participated in the 'UHD Audiovisual Technology Innovation and Development Forum' held in Beijing, China. The forum, designated as 'AI Theme Day' during the 2024 China Mid-Guan Spring Forum, aimed to prepare for the leap of the next-generation broadcasting industry by integrating generative AI content technology.

Hosted by the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and overseen by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television of China, the forum was attended by global key stakeholders from the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, and others under the theme of 'Digital Intelligence Enhancing the Future of Viewing.'

DeepBrain AI, represented by Son Jeong-wook, the only representative from a domestic company, delivered a presentation on 'Digital Revolution: Productivity Enhancement through AI Video Generation and Intelligent Interaction.' They introduced the case of innovative AI technology utilization in the traditional media industry, highlighting AI Anchor Chunli jointly developed with Beijing TV and analyzing the positive impact of AI anchors on program interactivity and viewership.

Furthermore, they explained how AI human technology is not only being implemented in the media but also in various industries such as education, commerce, finance, and entertainment, providing highly personalized tailored services and contributing to increased work efficiency and customer satisfaction. They also introduced DeepBrain AI's 'Deepfake Detection Solution' service to address the development of AI human technology, the potential for industry growth, and the misuse of generative AI technology.

Son Jeong-wook, Global Marketing Leader at DeepBrain AI, expressed profound gratitude for the invitation to such a large-scale event in China's scientific and technological field, emphasizing their commitment to introducing and applying AI human technology and related services across various domestic and international industries to drive new growth.

DeepBrain AI is actively pursuing diverse businesses to dominate the AI human market in China, collaborating with Chinese state-owned broadcasters such as CCTV and Beijing TV, and actively participating in various competitions, including winning awards in the future technology category of the 2023 China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Marketing Team Leader Son Jeong-wook & AI Anchor Chunli
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