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Turn your images into talking avatars with AI Studios! Simply upload a portrait, enter your script, and let our avatar generator from photo do the rest, complete with voice cloning for a personalized touch.

Dream Avatar
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DP World
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Animate Your Photos with AI Studios

Turn ordinary photos into engaging Talking Photos.

Influencer Photo Avatar

Coworker Photo Avatar

Coworker Photo Avatar

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How to Create Avatar From Photo


Log Into AI Studios

Log into your AI Studios account or create a new one. Then, click on 'Dream Avatar' to create an avatar from a photo.


Upload Photo

Upload a portrait photo of a person or a cartoon from which you’d like to create an avatar from photo.


Record Voice

Record your voice, upload a file, or select a ready-made text-to-speech voice. Hit 'Generate' and you’re all set!

Bring Static Images To Life

Advanced Lip-Sync Technology

Our avatars feature realistic lip-sync technology that perfectly aligns with text-to-speech inputs, making their speech natural and engaging.

Advanced Lip-Sync Technology

Lifelike & Natural Movements

Our talking head avatars display natural head movements, capturing the fluid motion of real speech without any trace of the uncanny valley.

Lifelike & Natural Movements

Custom AI Voice Cloning

You can create a voice clone by recording a quick 15-30 second sample of your voice, allowing your photo avatar to speak in your voice by simply typing text.

Custom AI Voice Cloning
Immersive Visuals

Immersive Visuals

Talking Photos offer a more immersive experience, connecting viewers with the people and places in the images.

Enhanced Storytelling

Enhanced Storytelling

Photo Avatars enrich narratives by adding relevant visuals that amplify the impact of spoken scripts in videos.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Talking Photos are captivating to watch, naturally attracting more viewers and engagement than still photos alone.

Creative Uses for Photo Avatars

Virtual Business Cards

Virtual Business Cards

Create a personalized avatar for your digital business card just by using your headshot. Customize your avatar's message for different occasions, making your business card not just informative but also interactive and engaging.

Animated eCards

Create talking avatars from your photos to send personalized e-cards for any occasion, whether it's birthdays, holidays, or event invitations. Make each message uniquely memorable and tailored to both you and the recipient.

Animated eCards
Profile Videos

Profile Videos

Turn your profile picture into a talking avatar that welcomes visitors on your social media and websites. This helps your digital profiles stand out, adding a personal touch that connects with your audience.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What is a Talking Photo?

AI talking photos are AI avatars made from still images. They can take the script you provide and turn it into a speaking portrait video with a real human voice. It’s like bringing your photos to life, letting them say exactly what you want and adding a personal, magical touch to your images.

How do I make a Photo Talk?

Upload your portrait image into AI Studios, and then you can clone your voice or choose one of our preset TTS voices. After the avatar is synthesized, simply enter your script into the text editor and generate the video. Once the video is finished, you'll have a video of your avatar speaking the script you provided!

How do I convert photo to video?

To convert your photo into a video, start by uploading your photo to AI Studios. You can then clone your voice or select from our preset TTS voices. Once your avatar is created, input your script into the text editor and generate the video. After processing, you'll have a video featuring your avatar speaking the script you provided!

How do I create avatar from photo?

To make an avatar from your photo, upload your photo to AI Studios, then clone your voice or choose one of our preset TTS voices. AI Studios will synthesize your avatar based on the uploaded photo. Enter your script into the text editor and generate the video. Once processed, you'll have a video of your avatar speaking the script you provided!

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