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Purpose of Personal Information Processing DeepBrain AI (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) complies with the Personal Information Protection Act and is doing its best to ensure that your personal information is protected. Through the disclosure of the personal information processing policy, the company notifies the purpose and method of using the personal information of members and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.This personal information processing policy may be changed according to the revision of related laws or the company's internal policy. Members are encouraged to check the site frequently.

1. Purpose of personal information processing The company does not use users' personal information for purposes other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use is changed, it will be processed with consent.

[Member Management]
- Identity verification according to membership service use, personal identification, prevention of illegal use, confirmation of intention to join, handling of civil complaints such as inquiries or complaints, preservation of records for dispute settlement, and delivery of notices

[Performance of contract for service provision and settlement of charges]- Provision of content, purchase and payment, delivery of goods, purchase and payment

[Used for new services and marketing]- Providing optimized services to users, recommending customized contents according to user's interest and propensity estimation, developing new services and products, providing event information and advertising information, marketing and promotions, identifying access frequency, and establishing and improving service environment in terms of privacy protection

2. Items and methods of collecting personal information We collect the minimum amount of personal information necessary for membership registration or service provision.

[When registering as a member]- Name, mobile phone number, password, region (country)

[If you want to use a paid service]- Payment method owner information (name), credit card information, payment approval number, payment account name, bank name, account number

[For refund]- Bank name, refund account number, account holder

[In case of 1:1 inquiry]- Email address, mobile phone number

[When receiving corporate service]- Company name, business registration number, contact information (name, mobile phone number, email address), region (country)

When collecting personal information, the company must notify the user in advance and obtain consent, and collect personal information through the following methods.- In case the user agrees to the collection of personal information and inputs it directly during membership registration and service use- When personal information is provided from affiliated services, etc.- Collected during the customer center consultation process- Participation in on/offline events, etc.

In the process of using the service, the following information may be automatically generated and collected.- When using a mobile device, terminal identification number, terminal OS information, whether push is received- User's browser type and OS, visit history (IP address, access time), cookies, ADID/IDFA- Purchase/payment/cancellation/refund history when using paid services

3. In principle, the personal information provider does not disclose personal information to the outside without the user's consent. However, exceptions are made in the following cases.- When the user consents in advance- When it is necessary for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research, and when a specific individual is provided in a form that cannot be identified- When a cause for business transfer or merger occurs (however, In the event that the transfer of user's personal information is necessary due to reasons related to business transfer, etc., the company will notify the user of the transfer of personal information in advance according to the procedures and methods stipulated in the relevant laws, and notify the user about the transfer of personal information Grants the right to withdraw consent.)- In other cases where there are special provisions in the law

4. Personal information retention period and destruction The company destroys the user's personal information without delay when the purpose of use is achieved and the user requests to cancel the service. However, there is an exception in cases where it is necessary to preserve it according to the provisions of laws and regulations. According to the 'personal information validity period system', users who have not used the service for one year are converted to a dormant account, and personal information is stored separately. The company notifies the user of the fact that it will be kept separately, the expected date of dormancy, and the items of personal information to be kept separately to the dormant member 30 days before the transition to dormancy in a way that can notify the user, such as e-mail, SMS, or App push. However, if the information on the notification means is absent or in error, it will be replaced with the content of the personal information processing policy, and you can post notice about destruction or separate storage when you log in. Separately stored personal information is stored for 4 years and then destroyed without delay. If you do not want to switch to an inactive account, you can log in to the service before switching to an inactive account. In addition, even if the account has been converted to a dormant account, if you log in, you can restore the dormant account according to the user's consent and use the normal service. In addition, personal information that must be kept for a certain period of time according to laws and regulations and applicable laws and regulations are shown in the table below.

[Retention period of laws and regulations based on preservation items]- Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years- Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years- Records on handling consumer complaints or disputes Records on labeling/advertising laws on consumer protection in e-commerce: 6 months- Records on Electronic Financial Transactions Electronic Financial Transactions Act: 5 years- Service visit record Communication Secret Protection Act: 3 months

In principle, when the retention period of user personal information has elapsed and the purpose of use is achieved, the company destroys it in a way that cannot be reproduced.Electronic file types are safely deleted using a technical method that cannot be recovered or reproduced, and personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.

5. Rights and exercise of users and their legal representatives Users and their legal representatives can inquire or modify their personal information at any time, and can request withdrawal of consent (cancellation of membership) for collection and use.

[View and Edit]- You can view or edit your personal information in “Manage > My Information Management > Edit Personal Information” on the homepage. We will not use or provide the information to others until processing is complete.

[Withdrawal of membership (withdraw consent)]- You can cancel your membership by using “Manage > My Information Management > Withdraw Membership” on the homepage. In addition, you can request inquiry/modification/withdrawal of personal information through the phone number below and 1:1 inquiry.

If you request correction of errors in personal information, the personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is completed. However, in the following cases, the viewing and correction of personal information may be restricted in exceptional cases.- If there is a risk of significantly harming the life, body, property, or rights and interests of the person or a third party- If there is a risk of significantly impeding the business of the service provider- In case of violation of laws and regulations

[How to apply and inquire]- Customer Center: Tel: +82 (0)2 858 5683- 1:1 Inquiry: Menu > Customer Center > 1:1 Inquiry

6. Installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devicea. The company may use cookies to provide web-based services. Cookies are used to support faster and more convenient use.

[What are cookies?]- It is a very small text file that the server used to operate the company's website sends to the user's browser and is stored on the user's computer.

[Purpose of use of cookies]- It is used to provide personalized and customized services by identifying users' tastes and interests. When a user visits the website, the website server reads the contents of the cookie stored on the user's device to maintain the user's environment settings and provide optimized services.

[Refuse to collect cookies]- Cookies do not store names or phone numbers that identify individuals, and users have the option to install cookies. Therefore, by setting options in the web browser, users can accept all cookies, check each time they are saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if the user refuses to install cookies, there may be difficulties in providing the service.

[Example of setting method]- In the case of Internet Explorer, at the top of the web browser, Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings- In case of Chrome, the settings menu on the right side of the web browser > Show advanced settings at the bottom of the screen > Content setting button for personal information > Cookies

b. The company may collect ADID/IDFA of users.

[What is ADID/IDFA?]- ADID (Android OS)/IDFA (iOS) is an advertisement identification value for mobile app users.

[ADID/IDFA Purpose of Use]- It is collected and used to provide customized services and benefits optimized to users, such as online customized advertisements.

[ADID/IDFA collection method]- Automatically collected when users visit/run the app

[ADID/IDFA retention/use period]- 1 year from the date of collection

[How to exercise user control]- Android: Settings->Google (Google Settings)->Advertising->Uncheck Ad Customization- iOS: Settings->Privacy->Advertising->Limit Ad Tracking

[Method for Relief from User Damage]- Refer to Article 8

7. Efforts to protect personal information The company takes technical, managerial and physical measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged in processing personal information.

[Personal Information Encryption]- The company encrypts and stores users' personal information, including passwords and unique identification information.

[Measures against hacking, etc.]- The company installs the latest security program and periodically backs up the user's personal information, and it is transmitted safely over the network by an encryption algorithm. In addition, the company is working hard to keep users' personal information safe, such as trying to have all possible technical devices.

[Minimum maintenance of personal information handlers]- The number of employees handling personal information is kept to a minimum, and in the event of a personnel change such as resignation or job change, the right to access personal information is controlled by changing or canceling the authority without delay.

[Personal Information Education]- Through regular training for personal information handlers and occasional training for company-wide employees, users’ personal information

8. Please contact the person in charge of personal information protection for all inquiries and complaints related to personal information protection that occur in the process of using the service in charge of personal information protection. The company will provide prompt and sufficient answers to the voices of users.- Contact: +82 (0)2 858 5683

9. When the Privacy Policy is changed If there are additions, deletions or modifications to the current Privacy Policy, we will notify you through a notice at least 7 days prior to the revision. However, if there is a significant change in user rights, such as collection and use of personal information or provision to a third party, it will be notified at least 30 days in advance.- Announcement date: July 23, 2021- Effective date: July 23, 2021

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