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With Lifelike AI Voices

DeepBrain AI offers a large selection of realistic male and female AI voices in 80+ languages. Just type in your text or upload a URL or PPT to hear your script come to life

  1. Free, online TTS with realistic voices
  2. 200+ AI voices of different tones and accents
  3. Support for 80+ languages
Text To Speech Free with AI

The Most Realistic Generative AI Voices

Create voiceovers for videos and presentations, or choose a voice that best matches your AI Human's persona.
Instantly produce studio-quality speech and narration at a fraction of the price.

AI Talking Heads Can Speak Any Language

Create videos and audio recordings using natural sounding voices created by AI

Ai Daniel - Ai Paris

Trusted by Companies Worldwide

Mondelez International
Hyundai Hmall
Fox 26 News
Shinhan Bank
Intercontinental Hotels & Groups
DP World
Mettler Toledo
The Times Group
Georg Fischer
Magic EdTech
APMG International
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Text-to-Speech for All Needs

Instantly turn text into natural-sounding audio & video

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ChatGPT Integration

Use ChatGPT to streamline and automate your video content creation effortlessly. Transform your written content, whether it's blogs, PDFs, URLs, or any text, into engaging videos within minutes. Our in-editor access to ChatGPT allows you to brainstorm ideas, edit content, and translate your script easily—all without needing to leave your tab.

ChatGPT Function

Turn Text to Voice in Seconds

Diverse and Versatile AI Voices

Don't let expensive recording equipment and finding talent hold you back. Get personalized studio-quality
voiceovers made instantly with DeepBrain AI -- at a fraction of the cost!

Studio Voice Cloning

Experience the highest-quality voice cloning with DeepBrain AI. Give your vocal cords a break and let our
AI avatars and powerful text-to-speech technology do the speaking for you.

Crisp and Clear Audio, Guaranteed

With AI Studios, you will never need to rerecord your voiceover ever again. AI Avatars deliver your scripts
perfectly the first time.

Customizable Speech and Voice Tuning

Text-to-speech voices with life-like pacing, pauses, and personalities. Easily customize the way your avatar speaks
and fix pronunciation errors with ease.

How to Generate Text to Voice with AI Studios

Copy text


Simply copy your text.
Or type a script into AI Studios.

Paste text


Take your copied text and paste it into the script box in AI Studios.

Generate Video


Choose your favorite model, find the perfect  voice, and we'll do the rest.

Accelerate Creativity with Lifelike AI Voice Generation

AI Studios provides all your video essentials to make full-production videos with ease

AI Video Maker for YouTube

Drag-and-Drop Video Editor

  • Easily create professional videos without any prior experience, right in your browser
  • Intuitive AI-powered video editing tools
  • Unlimited stock images, video, and music within reach

Celebrity Text to Speech

  • Enhance fan interactions with immersive voice and avatar-based interactive experiences
  • Scale digital content and grow your presence without compromising on quality or overloading busy schedules
  • Large Language Model (LLM) fine-tuning support for accurate and engaging conversational experiences
Maximize Your Productivity
Contribute to the Lives of Others

Global Video Localization

  • 80+ languages and 100+ tones and accents to help you reach a global audience
  • In-editor text to speech translation and grammar checks with free integrated ChatGPT access
  • Effectively connect with audiences around the world with minimal effort

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TTS (text-to-speech)?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that converts written text into spoken words. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate a natural-sounding human voice that reads the text aloud. With TTS, you can convert written content, such as scripts or articles, into audio format, allowing users to listen to the text instead of reading it. DeepBrain AI offers high-quality text-to-speech voice cloning, providing crisp and clear audio every time.

How does TTS work?

Text-to-speech (TTS) converts written text into audible speech by analyzing the text, transcribing it into phonetic sounds, and synthesizing those sounds into natural-sounding speech. This involves analyzing the text, breaking down words into phonetic representations, and adjusting factors like pitch, tone, and duration to create human-like intonations.

Can you make a custom TTS?

Yes! DeepBrain AI offers high-quality voice cloning for use in any of our services. You can use it to create videos or an AI avatar twin that speaks with your own voice. Click the 'Talk to Sales' button above to learn more on how we can help you achieve your goals.  

Free Text to Speech Online with AI Powered Voices