Text To Speech Free with AI

You can generate various styles of videos with AI voices in minutes. No need for cameras, microphones, or actors.

  1. 200+ different voices
  2. 80+ languages supported
  3. Create speech and video in one tool
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Text To Speech Free with AI

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AI talking head can speak any language

Make videos with various natural sounding voices created using AI voices

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Turn text into natural-sounding audio & video, instantly

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ChatGPT Function

ChatGPT offers a Text To Speech (TTS) video service that utilizes advanced AI technology to generate video content from written text with natural-sounding speech. With ChatGPT's TTS video service, users can easily create engaging and visually appealing videos that combine natural-sounding speech with visual elements.

AI Video Generator

Key features of the AI voice generator

AI voices

High-quality voices are generated using advanced algorithms to mimic natural human speech patterns.

Studio voices (Preview)

Professional-grade voices recorded in a sound studio, available for preview before purchase.

Custom voice

Ability to create a voice that matches a specific brand or personality.

Voice tuning

Tools to adjust parameters like pitch, speed, and volume for the desired sound.

Text support

Supports a variety of text formats, making it easy to convert written content into spoken words.

How to generate text to voice with AI Studios

AI Video Generator

Copy text

Simply copy your text.
Or type it straight in AI Studios.

AI Video Generator

Paste text

Take your copied text and paste it into the script box in AI Studios.

AI Video Generator

Generate Video

Choose your favorite model, change voice and generate AI video.

Benefits of Text to Speech AI

AI studios offer the advantage of allowing anyone to create videos without prior knowledge

Text To Speech Free with AI

AI video maker for youtube

  • Simplified production process
  • Accelerated video production

Maximize your productivity

  • Fast scale-up video production
  • Time-saving strategy
Text To Speech Free with AI
Text To Speech Free with AI

Contribute to the lives of others

  • Efficient visual storytelling
  • Multimedia information delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TTS(text-to-speech)?

A type of speech synthesis technology that is used to convert written text into spoken audio output. This technology analyzes the text and converts it into a format that can be understood by a speech synthesizer, which then produces the audio output.

How does TTS work?

TTS works by converting written text into phonetic sounds, which are then synthesized into audible speech. This process involves several components, including a text analyzer, a phonetic transcriber, and a speech synthesizer.

Who are the main user groups of AI Studios?

  • Use custom-made AI avatar that best fits your brand
  • Intuitive tool that's super easy to use for beginners
  • Time saving in video preparation, filming, and editing
  • Cost-saving in the entire video production process

Free Text to Speech Online with AI Powered Voices