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November 2, 2023
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October 18, 2023

Whether you're just starting out as a video creator or you've already got some experience under your belt, YouTube Shorts is an exciting platform to create quick, phone-friendly videos that can help you make money in a snap.

YouTube Shorts allows you to make videos easily from anywhere. It's a place where you can express your creativity, entertain, and connect with new viewers. In this blog, we'll explore YouTube Shorts video specifications, how to upload and watch Shorts, simple video ideas, and how to create amazing YouTube Shorts using Clipchamp.

So, let's kickstart your video creation journey with YouTube Shorts, where you can unleash your creative potential and reach new heights.

Why YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is popular because it provides short, mobile-friendly videos that are quick to make and can help creators connect with viewers and earn money faster. 

5 YouTube Shorts Styles 

YouTube Shorts offers a variety of styles, and you can choose the one that suits your creativity and interests the most. Have fun exploring these different styles and creating your own unique Shorts.

1. Quick Tutorials

Quick tutorials in YouTube Shorts are all about showing how to do something in a short and simple way. For example, you can teach a quick recipe, a makeup tip, or even a simple DIY project in just a minute or less. People love these because they learn new things fast.

2. Relaxing ASMR

ASMR is a popular style of YouTube Shorts that focuses on soothing sounds. These videos often include gentle sounds like tapping, whispering, or even the sounds of nature. ASMR videos are great for helping people relax and sometimes even fall asleep.

3. Fun Challenges

Fun challenges in YouTube Shorts are all about having a good time. You might see people dancing to music, telling funny jokes, or doing all sorts of entertaining challenges. It's all about having fun and getting creative.

4. Introductions and Branding

In this style, you can introduce yourself and your channel to viewers. You can talk about who you are and what your videos are all about. It's a way to let people know your unique style and what they can expect from your channel.

5. Relaxing Slow Motion

Slow-motion videos in YouTube Shorts capture beautiful moments or everyday activities in a calm and peaceful way. You can film things like nature scenes, people doing ordinary tasks, or just about anything. These videos help viewers feel relaxed and enjoy the moment in slow motion.

Creating YouTube Shorts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating YouTube Shorts is easy and offers various options to suit your style and creativity. Whether you're using the YouTube app or AI tools like AI Studios, these steps will help you create engaging and captivating YouTube Shorts.

Method 1: Using the YouTube App

1. Open the YouTube App

Sign in to the YouTube app on your smartphone.

2. Access the Creation Tools

Tap the "+" button, which is usually used to upload videos.

3. Select "Create a Short"

This option allows you to create a YouTube Short.

4. Camera and Microphone Access

Tap "Continue" to allow the app access to your camera and microphone.

5. Record Your Short

Start recording your Short. You can stop and edit it as needed.

6. Preview and Enhance

After recording, tap "Done" to preview your Short and make enhancements if required.

7. Add Details

Tap "Next" to add details like a title and privacy settings.

8. Audience Selection

Choose whether your Short is intended for kids or not.

9. Publish Your Short

Finally, tap the "Upload Short" button to publish your YouTube Short.

Method 2: Using YouTube Remix or Clip Button

1. Open the YouTube App

Sign in to your YouTube app.

2. Select a Video

Choose an existing YouTube video you want to remix or start from scratch.

3. Remix or Record

If you're remixing, click on the "Remix" button under the video. If you're starting from scratch, find the "Shorts" button in the app and begin recording your Short.

Method 3: Using AI Studios

1. Access AI Studios

Use AI Studios on your web to create YouTube Shorts.

2. Select a Template

Begin with a YouTube Shorts video template with a 9:16 aspect ratio, or start from scratch.

3. Select AI Avatar 

From celebrities to ordinary people, choose AI Avatar that suits your purpose.

4. Customize Your Video

Personalize your video template with animated text, colors, transitions, and royalty-free sound effects. You can also add captions for free.

5. Edit and Enhance

Edit your Short as needed and make it eye-catching.

6.  Generate and Publish

Once you're satisfied with your Short, generate it and publish it on YouTube.

Tips for Creating a YouTube Shorts with Viral Potential

Catch Immediate Attention

Start your video with something attention-grabbing. Use eye-catching images, interesting music, or a strong opening to pique viewers' curiosity.

Keep It Short and Simple

Since YouTube Shorts are short, keep your message concise. Show the main points clearly, and avoid unnecessary details.

Tell a Story

Make your video interesting by telling a simple story. Create a basic storyline to engage your audience.

Stay Trendy

Be aware of current trends. Understanding what's popular and using it in your video can help make it go viral.

Use Dynamic Editing

Try dynamic video editing techniques to hold viewers' interest. Use fast edits, slow motion, transitions, and graphics to make your video engaging.

Share Widely

Share your YouTube Shorts on other platforms and social media. Promote them on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Call to Action

At the end of your video, encourage viewers to take action, like subscribing, liking, commenting, or sharing.

Engage Actively

Interact with your audience. Respond to comments and actively participate in the community to gain more attention.

Consistent Uploads

Regularly upload YouTube Shorts to maintain viewer interest. Consistency is key.

Listen to Feedback

Pay attention to viewer feedback and use it to improve your videos. Their input can help enhance the viral potential of your content.

Following these tips can help you create YouTube Shorts that have the potential to go viral.

YouTube Shorts Example

Making Shorts videos with AI avatars in AI studios is great for beginners because it helps them express themselves more comfortably and create a personalized logo for your YouTube channel.

Benefits of Using AI for YouTube Shorts

Quick Video Creation

AI video editing tools can help you make videos quickly. This saves a lot of time and allows you to post content faster.

Automatic Editing and Effects

AI can edit videos automatically and add cool effects without needing advanced video editing skills.

Personalized Content

AI can customize your content to match what your viewers like, helping you attract more viewers.


Using AI tools for video production is cost-effective. You can create high-quality content even on a small budget.

Encourages Experimentation and Creativity

AI tools make it easier to try out different ideas and create creative video content.


AI simplifies the technical aspects of editing and posting videos, saving you a lot of time. This means you can create more content.

Consistency in Content

AI can help you maintain a consistent style and branding in your videos.

Using AI video tools for YouTube Shorts can make video creation and sharing easier for content creators. It can help attract more viewers and lead to success. As AI video tools continue to improve, content creation becomes more efficient and creative.

Try Creating Shorts Video for Free 

AI Studios allows you to create Shorts videos quickly and easily, right from your ideas. You can make Shorts without worrying about shooting, editing, or planning - just start and scale fast.

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