A New Culture of Remembrance

Valuing a meaningful life,
A new way to cherish and remember loved ones.

Wishing You Could Have Said More?

After losing a loved one, many people have regrets:
words left unspoken,
visits that never happened,
or expressions of love that were never shared.
These regrets can overshadow even the happiest memories.

re;memory helps to heal these wounds.
By allowing you to interact with a lifelike digital avatar of your loved one,
you can find solace in expressing your love and forgiveness,
creating a bridge to the cherished moments you hold dear.



, Ease Grief
and Embrace Your Memories

With just a photo and a voice file, or a video with sound,
you can reunite with your loved ones.

You can visually encounter them through DeepBrain AI’s technologies.
Experience the heartfelt emotion of meeting them again.

Discussing a loved one's death helps us
mature in our emotional and cognitive acceptance of it.

Talking about a parent's death with close family members
significantly reduces severe fear.

— Professor Choi Sun-hwa,
Dept. of Social Welfare, Shilla University

If you do not grieve over a significant loss,
what else could evoke your sorrow?

— Confucius, Analects, Chapter 3


Creation Process

Using DeepBrain AI’s Dream Avatar technology, we create a realistic avatar of your loved ones.

sound on
Experience a meaningful reconnection
(or a video clip)



We create personalized videos using the photos and audio you provide.
Our advanced AI technology makes these memorial videos that honor and embrace your cherished memories.

Experience the heartfelt reconnection.

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A New Culture of Remembrance

re;memory allows you to see and hear your parents
as they were in their cherished photos,
rather than just imagining them.

Gift you and your family the profound emotion
and treasured memories of reconnecting with a lost loved one,
providing deep comfort and meaningful moments
for those who struggle to remember their loved ones.