Unveiling the 'AI Human Concierge Service' at The Hyundai Seoul

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May 13, 2024
May 10, 2024

When scanning a QR code, a virtual staff member appears on your smartphone!

▶ Conducting a one-month pilot project targeting foreign visitors at The Hyundai Seoul

▶ Upon scanning QR codes, engage in real-time voice conversations with virtual staff members on smartphones, supporting English, Chinese, and Japanese

▶ Providing tailored responses for foreign customers, including floor guides and tax-free information, with increased speech recognition accuracy using MS STT technology.


DeepBrain AI, led by CEO Jang Se-young, announced on the 10th that it has introduced the "AI Human Tourists FAQ Service," a voice-based conversational AI service, at Hyundai Department Store, The Hyundai Seoul. DeepBrain AI is currently conducting a pilot project for AI Human Tourists FAQ Service concept verification (PoC) at The Hyundai Seoul for about a month from the 19th. The natural language-based guidance service in three languages ​​- English, Chinese, and Japanese - is being utilized by foreign customers for shopping, public transportation, restaurants, cafes, and events.

The AI Human Tourists FAQ Service is a method in which a virtual employee appears when scanning a QR code with a smartphone and provides information. After scanning the QR code at various locations such as information desks and unmanned item lockers, customers can receive real-time answers to their questions by speaking their inquiries.

The provided guidance information includes floor guides, brand introductions, store maps, major events, restaurants, cafes, concierge services, tax-free services, parking, operating hours, and public transportation, addressing inquiries commonly asked by foreign customers. Answers are provided in both voice and text formats.

Especially in department stores, which are multi-use facilities with various noises, a high speech recognition rate that can be used comfortably even in environments exposed to external noise has been achieved by applying Microsoft Azure's speech recognition (STT) technology. In addition, the virtual employees appearing in the AI Human Tourists FAQ Service are created using DeepBrain AI's deep learning-based AI Human technology, enabling natural conversations such as lip movements and gestures.

DeepBrain AI plans to develop strategic utilization plans along with the enhancement of the AI Human Tourists FAQ Service following this pilot project. Furthermore, it plans to engage in discussions with companies in various fields that require AI Human-based guidance services for service introduction.

Jang Se-young, CEO of DeepBrain AI, stated, "We have introduced the AI Human Tourists FAQ Service, which allows real-time voice conversations in various languages ​​to significantly improve the accessibility of foreign tourists residing in Korea or visiting Korea." He added, "We will continue to develop various customized AI Human services to enhance user convenience."

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