Patent for Dream Avatar technology

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May 21, 2024
May 20, 2024

▶ AI generates customized avatars that speak in user's desired voice, style, and movements in video format

▶ Utilizes 2D images to animate movements, enabling rapid and cost-effective production

▶ Dream Avatar technology to be applied to AI business card service, expanding into various sectors such as education and sales.


Domestic generative artificial intelligence (AI) specialist DeepBrain AI (CEO Jang Seyoung) announced on the 16th that it has filed a patent for Dream Avatar technology.

This patent covers the technology for an 'Artificial Intelligence-based Avatar Service System and Method'. This technology, known as 'Dream Avatar', generates customized avatar videos that meet the user's desired conditions such as image, voice, dialogue, movements, and style, based on AI.

Using the provided image of a face, the system identifies motion vectors such as gender, age, and gaze direction, and creates the final avatar. Even if the user's voice is not available, it can synthesize a natural voice suitable for the avatar image by recognizing the facial appearance.

Especially noteworthy is that instead of 3D avatar rendering, it uses 2D images directly to implement movements, allowing for rapid production at a reasonable cost compared to traditional AI human technology methods. The implemented avatar can be run on various devices including PCs, mobile devices, and kiosks.

DeepBrain AI is expanding its business by applying Dream Avatar technology to the 'AI business card' service. With just one image and about 10 seconds of voice data, a video of an avatar resembling the user speaking can be created in about two minutes. Detailed settings such as dialogue, voice, skin brightness, face size, background, and clothing are customizable. Users can change their avatar to their desired appearance for various situations, utilizing the AI business card.

Following this patent application, DeepBrain AI plans to enhance the AI business card service to be suitable for various industries including finance, insurance, entertainment, education, sales, and personal sectors, where discussions for adoption have already taken place.

CEO Jang Seyoung stated, "We have officially applied for a patent for our proprietary Dream Avatar technology, which can create personalized avatars using just one image and 10 seconds of voice data," adding, "We will develop customized services for various industries by applying Dream Avatar technology to the AI business card service and expand our business."

Meanwhile, DeepBrain AI has been introducing various services utilizing Dream Avatar technology, including AI business card services with KB Securities and the 'Rememory2' service with Freedi Life.

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