Revolutionizing Travel Experience: SRT's AI Announcer Integration


The Super Rapid Train (SRT) is a high-speed rail service managed by SR Corporation in South Korea. It travels between Suseo station in southeast Seoul and either Busan station or Mokpo station.

Smart Enhancement through AI Announcer Integration

SRT is using DeepBrain AI's AI announcer to enhance its customer service. This integration has provided passengers with a more advanced and seamless travel experience, transforming SRT's customer engagement and communication within the transportation industry.

Innovation Displayed at the SRT Innovation Conference

During the SRT Innovation Conference, the AI announcer was introduced, signaling a new era of customer engagement and communication in the transportation industry.

Navigating Disruptions: AI Announcer Responds to Typhoon Hinamno

The recent disruptions caused by Typhoon Hinamno gave SRT the chance to demonstrate the power of their AI technology. They used their YouTube channel to effectively communicate train service suspensions and adjusted routes, showcasing the versatile application of AI technology.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Benefits of AI Integration

SRT has integrated DeepBrain AI's AI announcer to enhance their customer service, offering a more advanced and seamless travel experience. This integration allowed for swift communication during crisis situations and highlighted SRT's position as a technology leader in the transportation industry.

Overall, SRT's adoption of AI technology through the AI announcer not only revolutionized their customer service but also showcased their commitment to innovative solutions in providing seamless travel experiences.