DeepBrain AI Webinar: Humanizing Digital Banking with Generative AI

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August 9, 2023
Event & Webinar
April 10, 2023

DeepBrain AI's March webinar titled "Humanizing Digital Banking with Generative AI" was recently featured and shared by insideBIGDATA.

During the webinar, DeepBrain AI explored how video synthesis technology can bring a human touch to digital banking. The concept and workings of video synthesis were introduced, followed by six different business references that demonstrated how generative AI can be used to create realistic human-like interactions in digital banking.

InsideBIGDATA covered the webinar in a video highlights article titled "Humanizing Digital Banking with Generative AI." The article briefly introduces how generative AI can be utilized in the digital banking industry.

The webinar by DeepBrain and the article by insideBIGDATA provide valuable insights into how artificial intelligence can be leveraged in the digital banking industry. Moreover, it prompts us to think about how other AI technologies such as video synthesis can be utilized in other industries as well.

The webinar is hosted by DeepBrain AI, a company that has developed AI Avatar Solutions for digital banking. The webinar focuses on how generative AI can be used to humanize digital banking and provide a more personalized customer experience. The speakers discuss the different ways in which their technology can be integrated into banking systems, such as mobile apps, kiosks, and chatbots.

The speakers begin by providing a market snapshot of the finance industry, highlighting the differences between different banks in terms of their size, total assets, and number of employees. They discuss how their AI Avatar Solutions have been implemented in major banks in Korea, including KB Bank, Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and Hana Bank. They emphasize the customizable nature of their avatars, which can be created as hyper-realistic 3D avatars or cartoonish Roblox characters.

The speakers also showcase how the AI avatars can be used in mobile apps to provide market updates and information about banking products. They discuss how the avatars can be integrated with chatbots to provide personalized customer service and how they can be used in kiosks to enhance the user experience.

The webinar also covers DeepBrain AI's 3D metaverse, which is an immersive environment that can be customized with their AI avatars. The speakers demonstrate how the metaverse can be used in various settings, such as museums, car dealerships, and markets.

The speakers emphasize the scalability of their technology and how it can be used to improve customer engagement and retention. They also highlight the positive feedback they have received from customers who have used their AI avatars in banking transactions.

Overall, the webinar provides a comprehensive overview of how generative AI can be used to humanize digital banking and provide a more personalized customer experience. The speakers demonstrate the versatility of their technology and its potential to revolutionize the finance industry.

"For those who are unable to watch the entire webinar, here is a summary.

Please refer to the YouTube link for the full version after reviewing the following content."

I. Introduction

  • The webinar focuses on discussing more details about finance and how the company has been growing together with the finance clan.
  • The monthly webinar with different topics will dive deeper into the finance industry.
  • The speakers introduce themselves and their roles.

II. Market Snapshot

  • The webinar talks about the market trends in the finance industry, specifically in Korea.
  • Five major Korean banks are mentioned, and their total assets and employee sizes are discussed.
  • The common and different ways these banks adopted AI video solutions and AI Avatar solutions are presented.

III. Business Reference in Korean Banks

  • The webinar delves into the actual business use cases of AI Avatar solutions in Korean.
  • The AI Avatar solutions provide personalized and engaging experiences for customers.
  • Other applications of AI Avatar solutions are also discussed, such as providing information about banking products and market updates.

IV. AI Avatar Solutions

  • The AI Avatar solutions are further discussed and summarized, highlighting their capability to respond to queries and professional use.
  • The scalability of the solutions is emphasized, requiring only one user to make the video and conversational interface.
  • The webinar also talks about 3D avatars and how they can be customized to fit different locations and outfits.

V. AI Studios

  • The use of AI Studios, specifically chat GPT, in creating generative AI models is discussed.
  • The speakers emphasize the power of generative AI in creating content and the various machine learning models and data sets used in training.
  • The development of generative AI models by OpenAI is also mentioned.

VI. Conclusion and Promotion of AI Studios

  • The webinar concludes by promoting the use of AI Studios in creating generative AI models for various applications.
  • The speakers invite viewers to try AI Studios and experience its capabilities.

Overall, the webinar showcases how generative AI can humanize digital banking through personalized and engaging experiences for customers. It also promotes the use of AI Studios in creating generative AI models for various industries and applications.


Q. What are some of the key points covered in the webinar?

* The webinar covered several key points, including:

* An introduction to the finance industry and DeepBrain AI's role within it.

* A snapshot of the finance market, highlighting Korean banks and their different sizes and assets.

* Business references of AI Avatar solutions in Korean banks, demonstrating personalized customer interactions.

* Overview of AI Avatar Solutions, scalability, and customization of 3D avatars.

* Discussion on AI Studios and generative AI models' creation.

* Promotion of AI Studios for creating generative AI models in various industries.

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