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Anyone can quickly create in online ai video editor. No training required for our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface with powerful features such as closed caption, backgrounds, sound tracks.

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Text-to-Video in 4 Minutes

Transform videos from text using AI. Just copy and paste your text into AI Studios and our tools will take care of the rest. Generate a video in 5 minutes with just text. You can save time & cost for creating video.

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100+ AI Models

A diverse cast of over 100 fully licensed AI avatars ready to support your video productions. And with more than 55 languages, you can take your message global while enterprise-ready custom avatars can be created anytime.

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Over 500+ Video Templates

Prebuilt video templates are available for training videos, how to videos, marketing videos, explainer videos, news videos. Also social media template for YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram.

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Text to video using AI

It'seasy to use and without technical knowledge produce an amazing outcome(obviously using their AI technology)

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Jochen Siepmann
Master Trainer and Coach
Simple and the best

Interactiveand engaging with efficient work distribution. Great customer experience andhelp to improve sales performance.

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Rodrigo Sena
Sales Training Strategy Manager
Best AI tool for Video Creation

AIstudio is one of the best AI tools to create videos for business and promotionin just a few clicks.

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Md. Mahfooz Alam
Start-up Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an AI that can generate videos?

Yes, there are several AI video generators that can create videos from text, images, or audio. For example, AI Studios is an AI video creation platform that cangenerate videos in more than 100 languages, accents, and voice tones. Other examples are a lot, which allow you to make a video from the text by typing outan idea and selecting the video format.

Is there any free AI video generator?

There are several free AI video generators available that can help you createhigh-quality videos quickly and easily. Some of the best free AI video generators include AI Studios many. Because, AI Studios' free demo video generator can covert text to video for free. It supports photo-realistic Ai Avatar. Make a video by Meta,, Lumen5 could be other options.

How do I make an AI avatar video?

Easily make a AI avatar video from the text by typing out an idea in AI Studios’ AI video generator, selecting the video format, and clicking “Generate video.” Make your AI-generated video fit any platform by resizing it to the preset formats optimized for YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Add your own finishes and human touch to your video by customizing the subtitles, changing the background music, and much more.

Can I edit AI-generate videos in AI Studios?

AI Studios lets you create and edit videos with AI in one convenient platform. It’s hassle free ai tool. Anyone can quickly create in online ai video editor.

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