AI Humans Helping Real Humans Part 2: AI Concierge

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July 10, 2023
July 6, 2023

This is the second installment of our three-part series: AI Humans Helping Real Humans. Part1 focused on the AI Interview service, and Part 2 is dedicated to the AI Concierge. As mentioned previously, all AI Humans, developed by DeepBrain AI, help businesses and employees streamline workflows and service customers. The industries and use cases served by AI Humans are diverse, and new use cases are constantly being developed as innovation teams invest in generative AI. For example, within the hospitality sector, kiosks are standard, as the ongoing workforce shortage has expedited the rise of self-service. More recently, innovative teams within the hotel sector have started adding AI Humans to the kiosk user experience. Novotel first implemented the AI Concierge service in December2022. The project leverages the technology of the KT GiGA Genie and the AI Human from DeepBrain AI. Both guests and staff benefit from the enhanced engagement and efficiency of the AI Concierge.

Guest with AI Concierge at Novotel

The AI Concierge provides a natural and friendly engagement model for guests of all ages. While kiosks offer an efficient self-service option, a learning curve has always been associated with the touch interface. It might not be intuitive for guests to search for information on an unfamiliar touch interface. However, when an AI Human is implemented as an AI Concierge, guests can immediately and naturally interact with the kiosk, just as they would speak to an actual human. The legacy touch interface is still supported, but adding an AI Human surfaces a more profound sense of knowledge and engagement. Guests have fun interacting with the digital avatar with a nearly endless array of questions. What time does the pool open? Where is the closest pharmacy? What good restaurants are nearby? In fact, restaurant-related questions are the number one request. Not only adults but children are also seen running up the AI Concierge and asking questions about their stay. This enhanced guest experience creates a high-tech halo effect that reflects well on the brand and its commitment to serving guests.


The staff at the hotel also benefit from the AI Concierge. The AI Concierge is always ready to answer questions (24-7), and this provides the existing staff with more time to support the guests that require more in-depth assistance. The AI Human solution is well suited to handling the most common requests and can be handed off to the staff when more complex queries arise. A case study based on three months of usage revealed that the AI Human answers an average of 55 daily questions, extrapolating to over one whole month of staff time saved annually. One significant side effect of the increased efficiency is shorter lines at the front desk. This leads to higher customer satisfaction for both guests at the kiosk and guests directly helped by the staff. An actual win-win scenario for both guests and staff.


Please stay on the lookout for more hotels implementing AI to delight their guests and assist the staff. In their many forms, AI Humans are always ready to help serve customers, and many different industry sectors are currently developing custom solutions. In the upcoming third part of this series, we will share how AI Humans serve baking customers across Korea's top five banks.

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