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March 16, 2022
Event & Webinar

Visit DeepBrain AI to witness the future of Digital Twins for broadcast and social media.




Are you ready for your very Digital Twin?

News stations across Asia are already using DeepBrain AI’s technology for creating “AI Anchors.” DeepBrain AI representatives will be on-site to share information on the process: from the video shoot to deep learning to delivery. Our approach creates an ultra-realistic AI model that matches the actual person’s appearance, voice, gestures, and mannerisms.







AI Studios

DeepBrain AI’s software platform makes videos as easy as typing a script.
AI Studios eliminates investment into high-cost resources required by traditional video production. No cameras, no lights, no crew, type your script, and our video synthesis technology generates the video in seconds.






Conversational AI humans

In addition to presenter-based or informational videos, DeepBrain AI’s video synthesis can also be paired with chatbot software to create a fully interactive and conversation experience.



Booth Information.


Find us at NAB Show 2022

Booth number: C2627 in Central Hall
Check or click the floor map below to navigate your way to our booth.


DeepBrain AI will be exhibiting at #NAB at Las Vegas Convention Ceter in April 24~27.
We will be demonstrating conversational AI Humans and automatic video generator, AI Studios on site. You can come visit us at our booth and learn more about how you can benefit from AI Human technology.
To arrange a meeting, contact  (






More Details on #ASUGSV Summit.

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