Nvidia Riva

Nvidia & DeepBrain AI Enhance AI Human Services with Riva Speech-to-Text

Advancing AI Integration for Enhanced Interaction

Nvidia and DeepBrain AI have formed a strategic collaboration to propel AI-driven services. This partnership introduces Nvidia Riva, a robust Speech-to-Text solution developed by the GPU giant. The union of these forces represents a significant stride in harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies for diverse applications.

Revolutionizing Speech-to-Text with Nvidia Riva

NVIDIA Riva is a straightforward end-to-end workflow for voice AI applications. The features offered by Riva include:

  1. Pre-trained state-of-the-art (SOTA) voice AI models:

Riva provides ASR and TTS models that can be fully customized to match the dataset, accelerating the development speed of domain-specific models by around 10 times.

  1. High-performance inference:

Inference is powered by NVIDIA TensorRT™ optimization and served using the NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server, both of which are components of the NVIDIA AI platform.

  1. Riva services:

Offered in the form of gRPC-based microservices for low-latency streaming and high-throughput offline use cases.

  1. Excellent scalability:

Being fully containerized, Riva can easily scale to hundreds or thousands of parallel streams.

Nvidia Riva stands as a testament to Nvidia's innovation and expertise. This extraordinary Speech-to-Text solution has garnered attention for its exceptional accuracy and speed. By utilizing advanced deep learning techniques, Riva converts spoken language into written text with remarkable precision. Its capabilities extend beyond transcription, enabling efficient processing of various spoken language inputs. Businesses and applications can now transform spoken content into text data for analysis, indexing, and numerous valuable applications.

Driving Innovation in AI Human Services

The collaboration between DeepBrain AI and Nvidia aims to expand the incorporation of Riva's Speech-to-Text solution within the realm of AI Human services. This partnership holds the promise of enhancing communication and interaction between humans and AI systems. It opens doors to new possibilities across industries, including customer service, content creation, transcription services, and beyond.

Collaborative Research: Unveiling the Full Potential of AI

As this partnership unfolds, DeepBrain AI and Nvidia are set to embark on joint research endeavors, seeking to explore the full scope of AI technologies for human-centric applications. Their collective efforts are positioned to redefine the integration of AI into daily life, catalyzing innovation and advancements across various sectors.

This collaboration signifies not only a dedication to technical excellence but also highlights the potential for AI to reshape the way we interact with machines and services, ushering in a more intuitive and natural era of human-machine interaction.

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