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Discover the AI-powered video generation platform at Nvideo, designed to transform the way businesses create, produce, and publish videos. From generating text-to-speech reports to creating personalized animated avatars, our video generator is an asset for businesses of all sizes.

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Save time and money on video creation with AI technology

Customize your videos with unique avatars and voice options

Make your videos accessible to a wider audience by adding captions and subtitles

The Power of cVidris Technology for Video Conversion

Our video to subtitle converter powered by cVidris technology enables you to convert your videos to text in minutes, so you can easily edit, translate, or repurpose your content. Additionally, our voice feature changes the pitch and tone of your voice, giving your videos a unique sound and enhancing their impact.

Create Animated Avatars for Personalized Video Content

With our free whiteboard video maker and create your own Lofi avatar features, you can create unique and engaging animated characters that represent your brand or messaging. The possibilities are endless, from customer training examples to creating videos of your products or services in action.

Make Your Videos Accessible with Text-to-Speech News Reporting

Our text-to-speech news reporter feature allows you to quickly and easily transform text into engaging video content. By adding captions and subtitles, you can make your videos accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing or language barriers.

Experience the Benefits of AI Video Generation

Using our AI-powered video generator, you can save time and money on video creation, while also improving its quality and engagement. With faster turnaround times, more customization options, and a wider audience reach, our video generator is an asset for businesses of all sizes.

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