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February 1, 2023
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October 29, 2021

The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live and work, and the un-tact era have accelerated further with the influence of COVID-19. Even with the end of COVID-19, our daily paradigm can expect to face many changes.
Let me introduce the corporate culture of Deep Brain AI, an innovative company that is creating artificial humans at the center of the 4th industrial revolution.



DeepBrain AI History in Numbers

DeepBrain AI is an artificial intelligence-based video synthesis company and is one of the top three global companies that has both original technologies for video synthesis and voice synthesis.
DeepBrain AI has grown rapidly in a short period of time since its fifth year since its foundation. It has developed and commercialized artificial human technology, and is growing at a fast pace of 500% every year. This year, it was recognized as 180 million dollars in corporate value by attracting 44 million dollars in Series B investment.


DeepBrain AI has been able to grow rapidly due to its unique corporate culture.


First, the vision and clear goals for the interactive AI market.

DeepBrain AI’s vision is to become a company that provides the benefits of life through artificial intelligence technology.
The quantitative goal is to implement with the highest level of technology in the global market and to be ranked first in market share.
In order to recognize artificial human technology for the public and preoccupy the market, DeepBrain AI executives and employees are making achievements with detailed quantitative goals for each project team and individuals.



Second, The Agile culture.

DeepBrain AI organizes teams in units of projects (products) and establishes and executes work plans in units of short units to quickly plan and launch new services.
One project consists of planners, developers, marketers, and designers, including leaders necessary to perform their tasks.
Repeating the cycle depending on the results to improve the project and produce the best results.
According to the performance, we reward the team and individuals correspondingly to continuously provide motivation.
We also pursue a horizontal organizational culture that uses English names without any positions or titles. Through this, we create conditions to respect autonomy and maximize individual abilities.



Third, Culture that values employees and their families and benefits

DeepBrain AI utilizes English names without any position or titles to create horizontal organizational culture that respects individual autonomy.
We try to provide pleasant environment not only for our employees but for the family and loved ones though various programs.
Self-development expenses to support individual hobbies and growth, medical expenses to provide individual treatments, Family Day to provide more time with your family, thank you gift for parents on special occasions to show our gratitude, etc.
More detailed benefits to be introduced on following posts.


Fourth, Outstanding Results with Outstanding compensation and treatment.

With the recent Series B investment, all employees have received an annual salary raise up to 17 thousand dollars.
DeepBrain AI speeds up reasonable compensation just as it Agilely pursues on projects.
Performance based annual salary negotiations are conducted through a quarterly evaluation.
Clarified compensation for each and every project team and individual’s performance.
Depending on quarterly team and individual performance, incentives such as 85 thousand dollars in cash and 85 thousand dollars in stock options will be implemented to provide strong motivation.


*The company introduction and employee introduction will continue.

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