DeepBrain AI Launches Saas-based AI Studios, Delivering an Innovative, Cost-effective Way to Build AI Human Models for Customers Globally - DeepBrainAI

October 12, 2021

New solution offers over 30 AI models in various languages, including English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese with additional languages to follow

With AI Studios’ SaaS model and a computer, Deepbrain AI has eliminated the prohibitive cost of video production, including studio fees, lighting, camera, and staff, making production easier and much less expensive. For example, to create an AI model, one simply types in a script, and a chosen AI anchor picks up the natural voice of the subject and uses their body language and gestures that mimic a real presenter. Companies can choose from a variety of AI model templates.

AI Studios allows Individuals, and small to medium size businesses to produce content videos for various channels such as YouTube, corporate training and news, and customer demonstrations, all without costly equipment or with the need for deep expertise. A demo of AI Studios can be found here.

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