Hana Bank and DeepBrain AI take smart banking to the next level

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June 22, 2023
August 25, 2022


The introduction of ‘Hana OneQ,’ the world’s first AI banker within a mobile app.


The topic of AI Humans is hotter than ever. From bank tellers to celebrities, teachers, show hosts, guides, curators, and even live TV appearances, AI Humans are showing up everywhere. DeepBrain AI, a pioneer of artificial intelligence-based virtual humans, has enabled the first case where AI Human technology is implemented within a mobile app for the Fintech sector. DeepBrain AI’s latest AI Human is the newly announced ‘AI Banker’ in Hana Bank’s mobile app Hana 1Q (pronounced as Hana One Q).

AI Human solutions from DeepBrain AI are based on conversational artificial intelligence technology that combines video synthesis, voice synthesis, speech recognition, and natural language understanding. The ‘Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)’ algorithm and deep learning-based image synthesis technologies to create AI Humans that look exactly like a real person, including natural lip sync, movements, and facial expressions.

DeepBrain AI customized the training data collection and model generation processes to produce a complete AI banker. We increased the sentence recordings required for AI human voice implementation by 133%, using the announcer Heo Song-yeon as a model. We added an extra layer of sophistication by producing scripts with language optimized for the financial sector. In addition, naturalness was maximized by implementing multiple body gestures and movements with different clothing styles to respond appropriately to various situations.

Creating an AI Human specifically for a mobile app presented some unique challenges for the team. For example, special considerations were required for mobile phone screen size and aspect ratio. A newly developed vertical orientation solution was developed by DeepBrain AI and utilized to implement an AI banker optimized for mobile without introducing distortion of body proportions. The vertical orientation solution was also made available as a new feature within ‘AI Studios,’ the virtual human image synthesis platform operated by DeepBrain AI.

Hana Bank plans to use the AI banker as a briefing service within Hana OneQ to provide financial product explanations, non-face-to-face product subscription guides, consulting services, basic (inquiry/transfer) banking transactions, and super-personalized asset management services will be expanded.

DeepBrain AI CEO Jang Se-young said, “This AI banker project was significant as it is not only the first case of introducing an AI Human to a mobile app in the financial sector but also the first supply case using the recently developed AI Human production solution for mobile.” He continued, “We will do our best in research and development to expand AI Human business to various service areas within smart banking such as CS consultation, chatbot connection, and information reporting in the future.”

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