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February 1, 2023
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October 25, 2022

One day, this story arrived.

I am a business owner. I buy products from other places and sell them, or I make my own products and sell them online. Even if I write down how to use the product in detail, customers seem to need help reading it. So, I keep getting many inquiries about the products, creating extra work for me.

What can I do?

If you are an entrepreneur and working alone, time is precious. Working efficiently will free up energy and time to invest in more productive work. We recommend making product videos so your customers can learn about your products and get their questions answered quickly. Sharing information with video allows you to deliver answers with greater focus than you can get with a printed user guide. Viewers can understand the information much faster because they can see it along with the video.

Video is also very effective for some people who have difficulty reading text and the general public, who usually prefer videos. If you send a link to a video along with a message that the product has been delivered, it is more convenient as there is no need to read long texts.

But maybe, you are a little reluctant to show your face on a video. No matter how famous a YouTuber is, only some people like the camera. Would you believe it if you could ease your worries and anxieties and create an AI avatar easily and quickly? Now you don’t have to explain everything over the phone. Please show a video rather than a lot of text on the product detail page. Customer inquiries will decrease, product sales will increase, and your working hours will be more productive.


Get Started with PPT

AI STUDIOS makes it possible to generate video content with just a PPT file or text script. Uploading a PPT file is an easy way to provide content to be synthesized, and users can further customize by providing extra images, text, subtitles, and backgrounds. This guide will walk you through the process of converting a PPT file into video content.

Prepare PPT Document

If you have a PPT document that you wish to convert, make sure that you have your script entered in the slides’ notes section. You can check the contents of the slide notes by clicking on ‘Notes.’

Upload PPT File

In the pop-up screen, attach your PPT file or the example PPT file provided and click ‘Create new project’ to start the conversion process.


What is AI STUDIOS offering?

1. Supported Languages:

AI STUDIOS can generate videos in 4 languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The voice-over quality is always high-quality, no matter what language you choose.

Using these four languages in the same video is also possible. Thus, you can create a video guide for many nationals with ease.

2. Multi-Slide Video:

It helps you merge all videos created with AI STUDIOS into a long video. You don’t need to use third-party software at all.

3. Duplicating Video:

Suppose you make minor mistakes in your video scripts. You can solve them quickly by duplicating the video and changing the texts. Your new video will be ready in minutes, much faster than other video editing tools.

4. AI Avatar:

You will find different AI avatars to choose one as per your preferences. The editing of avatars is also available if required. They play a significant role in targeting your audience according to your business objectives.

5. Voice Customization:

You can replace a built-in voice with an authentic voice. After recording your voice, you can upload the file for the AI use in the video.

6. TTS (Text to Speak):

Do you want to turn the text into speech? If yes, AI STUDIOS is offering the service. After typing the text, the software will automatically turn the words into speech. You don’t have to speak yourself or add the voice-over to your video.

7. TTV (Text to Video):

AI STUDIOS also offers the Text to Speak function where you have to type what you want the AI Avatar to speak, and you can quickly get your video. It will help if you edit a little and the final product is ready.

8. Background music:

We have prepared a background music selection that you can freely add as a background sound to your videos.

9. Custom backgrounds:

You are free to upload any image or video as a background to your videos. Even if you need to customize the background, you have the option for it.

10. Add text, images, shapes:

The best option is to add additional text, image, or shape elements to your videos directly in Synthesia. You won’t have to face annoying switching between different tools anymore.

11. Corporate Training:

Now, you have the opportunity to meet the corporate training goals by personalizing videos to communicate your organization’s ethics, philosophies, practices, culture, and mandated policies across large gatherings, and move away from boring presentations!

Conversational AI maker(AI STUDIOS) lets you make professional videos from the text in over four languages without actors, cameras, or microphones. It’s ideal for small businesses in need of additional content but unable to pay to engage pros, as well as individuals who want to make movies for personal use.

Best wishes to all business owners reading this.

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