Hana Bank's app merges AI and human touch for concise investment insights

Hana Bank

Hana Bank was established in 1971 as Korea Investment & Finance Co., the first non-bank financial institution in Korea founded solely with private capital. It opened as a bank in 1991 and quickly grew to become one of the top banks in Korea. In 2015, the merger of "Hana" and "Exchange Bank" led to the birth of Hana Bank, which now has a presence in over 24 countries and aims to achieve a 40% global profit share through global localization management and network synergies.

Introducing AI Banker on Hana OneQ

Hana Bank has introduced a groundbreaking AI-powered feature called "AI Banker" through its mobile app "Hana OneQ." This innovative addition leverages deep learning technology to offer customers a distinctive and personalized service. It summarizes important investment insights and financial market trends, including currency exchange forecasts.

Navigating Complex Markets

AI-Powered Briefing Services through Hana Plus and Fund Mall

As more customers shift towards digital and remote interactions, Hana Bank recognizes the importance of providing a differentiated customer experience. By adding AI Banker into the bank's mobile app, Hana Bank demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the customer experience (CX) through cutting-edge technology.

AI Banker operates across two primary menus: "Hana Plus" and "Fund Mall." These menus serve as platforms for delivering comprehensive briefing services, ensuring that customers can access vital financial information seamlessly. As the financial landscape grows increasingly complex, AI Banker's ability to sift through vast amounts of data and deliver concise, actionable insights equips customers with the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

Elevating Non-Face-to-Face Services

Strengthening Customer Engagement with Mobile AI Banker

Hana Bank's use of AI aligns with its strategy to embrace technology in its operations. AI Banker, the bank's new AI-powered feature, provides personalized investment insights and financial market trends, including currency exchange forecasts, through the Hana OneQ mobile app. By leveraging deep learning technology, Hana Bank can offer concise, actionable insights and strengthen its non-face-to-face customer services. The bank aims to establish a new benchmark for customer-centric banking in the digital age, catering to the evolving preferences of modern banking consumers.