Lenovo, Innovative AI


Lenovo, the global IT infrastructure company, and DeepBrain AI, a specialized artificial intelligence (AI) firm, are collaborating on a partnership for AI-based virtual human implementation.

Collaboration for AI Human Implementation

DeepBrain AI and Lenovo are working together to develop AI-driven virtual human implementation, integrating end-to-end solutions and large language models (LLM). They aim to expand the commercialization of AI human technology by providing industry-specific virtual human customization, such as the 'AI Concierge' service available 24/7 in the retail finance and hospitality sectors.

Advancing Commercialization and Industry-Specific Solutions

They plan to actively support digital transformation for businesses and offer innovative solutions for customer service improvement and adaptation to changes in the labor market. This collaboration builds on the ongoing partnership between DeepBrain AI and Lenovo. Last year, they conducted a joint webinar on the theme of 'AI Shop Assistants in the Retail Industry,' discussing AI human production technology and real-world application cases. They showcased virtual simulations featuring AI in various industries, such as automotive dealerships, counter attendants, and baristas.

Strengthening Collaboration for Global Impact

With the recent partnership agreement, the collaboration on the commercialization of virtual humans is expected to strengthen further. Through this partnership with Lenovo, the world's leading PC market share holder, DeepBrain AI plans to create AI-based virtual humans and provide them to the retail and hospitality industries. Lenovo has announced a three-year, $1 billion investment in expanding infrastructure solutions to accelerate global AI deployment for businesses, highlighting DeepBrain AI as a key partner to emphasize the strength of collaboration and partnership.