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April 24, 2024
April 24, 2024

▶ AI ChatGPTKiosk, AI Studios, and Dream Avatar solution supported for AI special classesat Hyein Girls’ Middle School

▶ Inspiringthe development of AI human technology utilization skills through variousexperiential education such as virtual human creation, editing, andconversation

▶ Plan to expand cooperation with elementary, middle, and high schoolsnationwide so that more students can experience education using AI services


DeepBrain AI (CEO Se-young Jang), a generative artificial intelligence (AI) specialized company, announced on the 0th that will support educational solutions for AI human technology experience to Mokpo Hyein Girls' Middle School (hereinafter referred to as Hyein Girls' Middle School), one of the AI information education focus schools (formerly AI education leading schools).

Hyein Girls' Middle School is an AI and information education focus school designated to nurture future talent with digital capabilities. They are promoting various AI convergence education activities to help children develop essential capabilities for future society at an early age so that they can grow into talents needed in the digital age. In 2021, Hyein Girls' Middle School received the Minister of Science and ICT Award in recognition of its excellent performance in operating the AI education program.

Deep Brain AI provides ▲AI Chat GPT Kiosk ▲AI Studios ▲Dream Avatar Solution to Hyein Girls' Middle School for special AI classes that experience deep learning-based video and voice synthesis technology and generative AI avatar creation solutions.

First, the AI ChatGPT kiosk is a model completed by combining Deepbrain AI's deep learning-based AI human technology and ChatGPT, an open AI chatbot; possible to communicate in real time with the virtual human implemented in the AI kiosk through voice, allowing interaction such as providing immediate feedback to students' questions. Deepbrain AI plans to educate students so that they can develop the ability to use GPT at an early age and develop AI capabilities by using various learning resources.

AI Studios is a generative video production solution that automatically converts text into images based on text-to-video technology. Users can create a virtual human video within a few minutes using sources such as simple keywords, articles, links, and documents. In addition, the editing function allows users to freely modify various components such as the virtual human model, background image, and content, possible to create customized videos. AI special classes help students develop understanding of generative AI concepts and their ability to utilize them through simple video production and editing tools.

Dream Avatar is a hyper-personalized virtual human creation solution that allows users to create their own virtual human based on speech synthesis (TTS) and video conversion (TTV) technology. With just one photo and 10 seconds of audio, users can create a virtual human that looks exactly like them. Students can increase their familiarity with AI through the experience of creating a virtual human that resembles them, a so-called ‘alt character’.

Starting with Hyein Girls' Middle School, DeepBrain AI plans to expand cooperation to elementary, middle, and high schools across the country that are in demand for AI education. DeepBrain AI plans to design customized education that satisfies students, parents, and teachers so that more students can enjoy education using AI services and platforms.

Se-young Jang, CEO of DeepBrain AI, said, “As the ability to use AI is a basic skill in the AI native era, we will actively strive to ensure that future talents can experience AI education without alienation”, “we will continue to explore various ways in which Deep Brain AI can support educational innovation using AI,” he said. (end)

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