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March 13, 2024
Event & Webinar
November 3, 2022

“Expanding the retail industry’s influence with AI kiosks”

Introduced ‘AI clerk’ kiosk in the retail industry

▶Introduction of manufacturing technology and practical application cases centered on AI human solution-based ‘AI clerk’ kiosk

▶Real-time conversational realization through natural language understanding and voice recognition. Active in car dealerships, salesclerks, baristas, etc.

▶Great interest in AI human solutions that are active in various fields such as AI STUDIOS and Re;memory

DeepBrain AI (CEO Jang Se-young), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), announced on the 26th that it held a joint webinar on the retail tech industry based on AI human technology with global IT company Lenovo.

Under the theme of ‘AI Human Retail Assistants on the Edge’, this webinar will feature two Deep Brain AI strategic planning team managers, Lenovo’s North American infrastructure solutions AI head, and retail solution manager as speakers. Lenovo ▲ AI human production technology and practical application cases ▲ Edge server and future AI were discussed

Among them, ‘AI clerk’ unveiled by DeepBrain AI received a lot of attention from attendees due to its excellent utility and potential in the retail industry. AI clerk is a new concept kiosk based on AI human solution that includes natural language understanding (NLU), speech recognition (STT) technology, and scenario-based chatbot functions. Since it is equipped with both touch and voice functions, it is possible to have a natural conversation with each other in real time.

DeepBrain AI also introduced a virtual simulation that showed AI clerks working as car dealers, counter clerks, and baristas in various retail industries such as car stores, cafes, and fast-food restaurants. AI clerks can perform a wide range of roles such as ▲presenting car quotes ▲new menu guidance ▲ordering and payment ▲providing weather information ▲information about nearby subway stations and information on business hours.

In addition to the AI kiosk, the webinar was attended by global officials from various fields such as products, CS, and brands who are interested in AI human solutions. To this end, DeepBrain AI introduced AI human solutions that are active in various fields such as SaaS-based AI human image synthesis platform ‘AI Studios’ and new concept AI memorial service ‘Re;memory’.  After the announcement, active questions, and answers such as language, production lead time, model, price, etc.

Se-young Jang, CEO of DeepBrain AI, said, “Through this webinar with Lenovo, we were able to introduce the competitiveness of our AI kiosk to global stakeholders in more detail. We are going to present our business, so we ask for your interest and anticipation.”


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