DeepBrain AI, Launches Business Card Service with KB Insurance

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April 11, 2024
April 12, 2024

▶ KB Insurance Dream Avatar-based ‘AI Business Card Service’, AI video compositing platform ‘AI Studios’

▶ 1 photo, 10 seconds of voice to create a virtual human for each individual insurance agent... Differentiating customer experience in various situations

▶ Create customized AI human videos simply by entering text through AI Studios... Expect innovation in work efficiency


DeepBrain AI (CEO Se-young Jang), a generative artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on the 00th that we will introduce an AI business card service based on ‘Dream Avatar’, a personalized AI customized video production solution, together with KB Insurance.

Dream Avatar is a hyper-personalized virtual human creation solution that allows user to create a virtual human that resembles the model in the photo using one photo and 10 seconds of audio. TTS (Text to Speech), which synthesizes voice as if the text entered by the user was recorded by an actual person, and TTV (Text to Video), which automatically converts and produces digital video content, were applied.

In the case of the AI business card service introduced by KB Insurance, a virtual human with the same appearance as an insurance agent is implemented through the dream avatar. Based on dream avatar technology, produce a video that delivers a personalized message of up to one minute. This is the first case in the insurance industry of providing an AI business card service with a virtual human that embodies the appearance of each employee.

The AI business card service will be piloted for two months for about 300 KB Insurance Gold members. Afterwards, they plan to expand the operation to KB Insurance's exclusive planners and executives. The AI business card contains not only self-PR, but also ▲regular greetings, ▲information on transferred customers, ▲contract customer management, etc. In addition, it is expected to be able to provide a differentiated customer experience from the past by allowing the customer to change into customized outfits according to various anniversaries, such as holiday greetings, birthdays, and first greetings, without shooting additional photos.

In addition, DeepBrain AI also provides ‘AI Studios’, an AI video synthesis platform. AI Studios is supplied in the form of software as a service (SaaS) to more than 10 various departments within KB Insurance, including ▲personal compensation support ▲direct marketing ▲talent development ▲organizational growth ▲platform operation.

KB Insurance employees can easily create high-quality videos by selecting various virtual human models provided by the AI Studios platform simply by entering the desired sentences as text. DeepBrain AI plans to produce videos using virtual humans for information that was previously provided in PDF format, product information, and internal employee training that were conducted face-to-face.

In fact, KB Insurance conducted video production training for executives and employees last month using AI Studios. Afterwards, an internal survey showed positive results, with 95.7% of trainees responding that they were satisfied. KB Insurance plans to strengthen cooperation with DeepBrain AI and continue innovative attempts by actively utilizing AI technology.

Jang Se-young, CEO of DeepBrain AI, said, “Through this cooperation with KB Insurance, we plan to arouse interest in services using virtual humans and create a consensus on the effects of introducing them to work”, “We plan to continue to advance AI human technology and introduce customized virtual human services that can support business innovation to improve work efficiency in various industries,” he said. (end)

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