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April 11, 2024
March 23, 2024

Recent global trends in artificial intelligence (AI) companies are characterized by rapid innovation, increased investment, and the concentrated application of diverse technologies across various industries. Many AI companies are particularly focusing on commercializing advanced AI technologies beyond deep AI research. This shift is driven by the increasing demand for AI solutions that solve real-world problems and create tangible value for businesses and consumers. Consequently, venture capitalists, corporate investors, and government agencies are investing significant capital in companies that leverage AI technology to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and improve productivity across various domains.

Forbes Korea has selected the "Korea AI 50" to spotlight leading AI companies focusing on the commercialization of AI technology. The purpose of this selection is to validate the technology, capabilities, and market potential of the AI 50 companies and to promote their cutting-edge AI solutions with commercial potential to domestic and international stakeholders.

Methodology: The VC extracted startups and mid-sized companies in South Korea from the company information database of The VC, where the keywords 'artificial intelligence' were included in the description of their representative technology and products. A total of 753 companies were initially selected as candidates, and then filtered based on criteria such as companies with services or products under development and those without information on investment or patent registrations, resulting in a final selection of 291 candidates. The number of registered patents, investment amount, number of employees, and revenue information of the candidate companies were evaluated as evaluation criteria, normalized, and weighted. Emphasis was placed on AI technology validation and market potential by assigning higher weights to the number of registered patents and investment amount. Based on the resulting evaluation index, recent management status, maturity of management team, and global market potential were reviewed, and the final 50 companies were selected as the "Korea AI 50."

DeepBrain AI

CEO: Jang, Se-Young

DeepBrainAI, a specialized AI company in generative AI, provides the 'AI Human' production solution. DeepBrainAI offers the 'AI Human Kiosk' and the video synthesis platform 'AI Studios,' both utilizing conversational AI human technology. DeepBrainAI's AI Human is a conversational AI solution that combines deep learning-based video and speech synthesis with natural language processing (NLP) technology. It not only expresses emotions according to the situation but also employs natural movements such as lip shapes and gestures similar to those of real people, tailored to the spoken content. AI Studios is a SaaS-based AI human service that allows anyone to easily and quickly produce videos using AI humans without specialized knowledge of AI technology. It provides over 80 languages and more than 100 diverse voices and is utilized in various fields such as education, news, home shopping, and promotion.

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