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February 1, 2023
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September 22, 2022

Don’t worry about hiring models, recording, editing or license.

Boost Your Video Production With Ease.

AI Human Video Production Platform, AI STUDIOS.

AI STUDIOS is an integrated agency as a service platform that uses AI technology to enable users to create, edit and scale content.

AI Studios allows individuals, and small to medium size businesses to produce content videos for various channels such as YouTube, corporate training and news, and customer demonstrations, all without costly equipment or with the need for deep expertise.

We’re going to make an Weekly Meeting Video using AI STUDIOS.

1.Click News Intro Template.

2. Select the model, then select the outfit for the model.

3. Adjust the size and position of the model.         

4. Click the logo image to activate the image item and upload the prepared logo.         

5. Enter the text and the model will fire. 

6. Replicate slides.

7. Click the replicated slide. 

8. Click the image, upload the prepared material, and resize and position it. 

9. Click Active Animation and select the desired animation. 

10. Enter the text that the model will fire. 

11. When you are finished entering the utterance text, click Export. 

By combining DeepBrain’s AI Studios in the form of SaaS and a computer, it’s possible to eliminate costly studio, lighting, camera, set-staff, and even the video host.

Just by typing the script, this enables the AI anchor to naturally speak, use body language and gestures just like a real presenter.

Individuals, small & big entities can produce various content videos, such as YouTube, corporate training and news, all without equipment or expertise.


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