ICT Digital New Deal Best-Case Award goes to DeepBrain AI. - DeepBrainAI

November 4, 2021

The Ministry of Science and ICT along with the Korea Communications Agency promoted the ICT fund project this year.
50 companies were selected as best-cases of the ICT fund project and Deep Brain AI was included in the list.
DeepBrain AI was awarded the Korea Communications Agency Director Award for its achievements in the ICT digital new deal field.


DeepBrain AI participated as a supplier in the AI voucher support project organized by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency.
The project was to develop an AI Human advertising system for (distribution) stores, and has laid the groundwork for demanding companies to deliver electronic price indicators that apply AI Human solutions to large overseas distributors.
DeepBrain AI has seen its opportunities in market for retail and e-commerce industries.

DeepBrain AI will continue to grow and develop for better applications in retail and e-commerce market.


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