Kyowon RedPen "AiCANDO" showcases AI Human technology with "Ddotty" as AI Tutor! - DeepBrainAI

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June 9, 2023
December 21, 2021

▶ AI Human technology implementation of AI Tutor in elementary level digital worksheet.
▶ Voice and Video Synthesis technology, Natural Language Processing, and Voice Recognition technology combined into AI Human Technology.
▶ Metaverse-based classroom allows students to communicate with AI tutor anytime, anywhere.



DeepBrain AI joined hands with Edutech company Kyowon Red Pen to implement an AI Tutor in metaverse of digital education “AiCANDO” for elementry school students.
DeepBrain AI signed a contract to supply AI Human technology in form of AI Tutor to provide Alpha generation (born in 2010s) an educational environment tailored to them.


DeepBrain AI’s AI tutor with AI human technology was implemented in a total of three tutors, including Youtube creator Ddotty, within AiCANDO.
Its system is integrated into a metaverse based virtual classroom with immediate communication enabled for students with their AI Tutors.

Especially, Conversational AI Tutor created optimized learning environment for children. Created with deep-learning based video and voice synthesis technology, AI tutor creates a learning environment with 1:1 mentoring improving students’ concentration.

In addition, DeepBrain AI’s two-way conversational AI Tutor encourages and establishes students with correct learning behaviour with approperate encourtagments.



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