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May 13, 2024
April 24, 2024

▶ AI Studios Supporting Video Production and Editing Based on TTV Virtual Human, GPT Store Released

▶ Providing Customized Videos Automatically Composed from Keywords, Articles, Links, etc., Without Scripts

▶ Enhanced Video Quality with Easily Editable Features such as Backgrounds, Image Sources, Subtitles, and Virtual Humans


DeepBrain AI, a leading domestic artificial intelligence (AI) company led by CEO Jang Seyoung, announced on the 17th that it has launched the video synthesis platform 'AI Studios (Video GPT by AI Studios)' on the GPT Store.

The GPT Store, introduced by Open AI in January, is a platform where custom applications developed based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), a large-scale language model (LLM), can be freely shared and traded. It is available for users with a paid membership grade of 'GPT Plus' or higher.

AI Studios is a generative video solution that supports video production and editing using virtual humans based on the 'Text-to-Video' technology. When users input prompts (commands), it automatically composes customized videos by arranging video elements such as messages, suitable virtual humans, backgrounds, and music.

Prompts support various sources such as topics, articles, links (URLs), and documents. In particular, by integrating with ChatGPT, videos can be quickly produced without separate scripts, simply by inputting keywords, links, or uploading files, significantly improving productivity compared to traditional production methods.

Furthermore, it supports video editing features, enabling the creation of high-quality customized videos. Users can set the purpose and length of the video before production, and after video production, they can easily modify various components such as background templates, image sources, subtitles, virtual humans, and gestures.

The completed videos are provided in MP4 format and can be easily shared through export functionality. Depending on the user's requirements, they can be utilized in various forms such as product and company promotional videos, presentations, educational materials, and YouTube content. AI Studios can be accessed on the GPT Store by searching for 'AI Studios'.

Jang Seyoung, CEO of DeepBrainAI, stated, "Now, AI Studios can be found on the GPT Store," and expressed hope that everyone would experience the innovation of easily creating high-quality video content using virtual humans.

Meanwhile, DeepBrain AI has been globally recognized for its technological competitiveness in the field of generative AI-based video production solutions, winning the Innovation Award in the streaming category with AI Studios at CES 2022. (End)

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