Showcase Conversational AI '3D Hyper-realistic Avatar'

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May 9, 2024
May 9, 2024

DeepBrain AI, a domestic AI specialist company, announced on the 7th that it showcased its conversational AI '3D Hyper-realistic Avatar' at the 'International Artificial Intelligence Expo Korea 2024,' held at COEX in Seoul from the 1st to the 3rd.


The International Artificial Intelligence Expo, now in its 7th year, is a single event in the AI field where you can explore AI new technologies and trends and gain insights. Growing in influence every year, it has established itself not only as the largest in Asia but also as one of the top 5 AI exhibitions in the world, surpassing Korea. This year, it unfolded on a scale of 450 booths with the participation of over 300 companies and institutions from 11 countries leading the global AI workload.

At its exhibition booth, DeepBrain AI showcased a conversational AI 3D Hyper-realistic Avatar embedded in an AI kiosk. The conversational AI 3D Hyper-realistic Avatar is a virtual avatar created using 3D rendering technology. Visitors experienced the latest AI technology by selecting characters, moving them, and freely changing language, tone, and more by touching the AI kiosk screen.


The conversational AI 3D Hyper-realistic Avatar features the ability to produce a three-dimensional character in a real-life-like space using control points on the face and body. It supports various angles from 360-degree rotation to zooming, panning, and camera view selection. Moreover, it maximized the naturalness of communication by using algorithms that analyze voice files and pronunciation symbols of text to achieve high-quality lip-sync between mouth shapes without rendering time before speech output.

In particular, it demonstrated seamless conversation even for questions not pre-trained, by integrating conversational AI 3D Hyper-realistic Avatar with ChatGPT. It speaks seven languages including Korean, English, Chinese, German, and Spanish, and implements various gestures such as voice changes according to gender, and gestures like waving, thumbs-up, finger hearts, and okay.

In addition, DeepBrain AI introduced its various AI services such as AI Studios, an AI video synthesis platform equipped with ChatGPT-integrated real-time conversational AI, and Deepfake detection solutions at the exhibition.

Jang Se-young, CEO of DeepBrain AI, said, "It was meaningful to be able to comprehensively introduce our various AI services and global commercialization cases, including conversational AI 3D Hyper-realistic Avatar, at this year's International Artificial Intelligence Expo." He added, "We plan to proceed with detailed cooperation discussions with corporate officials interested in DeepBrain AI technology, from virtual humans to Deepfake detection, to support successful digital transformation."

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