Who in the team should make the presentation?

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August 1, 2023
July 3, 2023

We gather and organize data to create presentation materials. Even if you practice hard for a presentation, there are times when you get nervous and can’t present properly. You always regret that if there was enough time to practice the presentation, it would have been better.

However, we already know that we won’t have enough time to practice presentations in the future. Just making presentation materials takes up so much time. Presentation materials are almost never completed in advance. They are modified until just before the presentation and new content is added.”

In this article, we’ll explore how to deliver the message we want even if we don’t have enough time to practice our presentation.

Why do we need to make presentations?

A well-crafted presentation demonstrates professionalism and helps reinforce an organization’s corporate image. Focusing on the importance of presentations in business can be the difference between attracting the right employees, customers, and investors and not. There is no way around it - presentations are an effective way to deliver our message to the audience. If you have a message you want to convey, whether you’re an individual or an organization, someone has to make a presentation.”

Who should make the presentation?

Most presentation materials are created through team collaboration. So, who should give the presentation? The person who understands the content best and can deliver the message to the audience most effectively should do it. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this article, you probably already know that you’re the one who should be doing it.

There are three ways to choose a presenter in a team.

1. Presenter = It’s me!

I’m the one who understands the content best and has contributed the most to preparing the presentation material. I’m confident that I can deliver the presentation message well. However, I feel burdened by the presentation because I don’t have enough time to practice it. I’m worried that my nervousness will ruin the presentation.

2. Presenter = It’s other!

If you’re not confident in your presentation skills, finding another presenter can be a great option. This is a way to ask someone else who has more experience in presenting. When you see him/her full of confidence, you’ll feel relieved. However, you might be worried because it seems like he/she doesn’t understand the content of the presentation well. You might be worried that he/she might deliver something different from what you intended to deliver to the audience. So it’s important to choose someone who understands the content well and can deliver your message accurately.

3. Presenter= AI

Have you ever thought about using an AI presenter? The AI presenter delivers the content accurately to the audience. Since the script you prepared is delivered as it is by the AI presenter, accurate message delivery is possible. The AI presenter doesn’t get nervous or forget anything. There’s no need for time or space for practice. It’s always possible to deliver messages calmly and calmly. This can be a great option if you’re looking for a way to deliver your message accurately and without any stress.

How an AI presenter gives a presentation?

Well, it’s just like having a trained anchor deliver the message. Anchors are experts in delivering messages accurately and confidently to the audience. In fact, AI presenters have even been used to deliver news! Using an AI presenter for your presentation is like having a professionally trained anchor deliver it. Check out the video below to see how an AI presenter gives a presentation


If you prepare your presentation materialas a video, it will be much more impactful. If you use an AI presenter, you cancreate your presentation material as a video. Once it’s created as a video,it’s also easy to upload to YouTube or share with others.

It can be easily produced online on the website.


Q. What is an AI presenter, and how can it help with presentations?

An AI presenter is a tool that can accurately deliver presentation content to the audience without the need for practice or nervousness. How does the AI presenter work, and how can it be used to deliver messages effectively? Learn about the benefits of using an AI presenter for presentations, especially when time for practice is limited.

Q. How do I choose between being the presenter, finding another presenter, or using an AI presenter?

When preparing a presentation, there are three options for choosing a presenter: yourself, another team member, or an AI presenter. How do you decide which option is the best for your situation? Understand the factors to consider when making this choice, such as confidence in presentation skills, content understanding, and message delivery accuracy.

Q. How does an AI presenter give a presentation, and what is the similarity to a trained anchor?

AI presenters are compared to trained anchors who excel at delivering messages accurately and confidently to the audience. What makes an AI presenter capable of delivering presentations like a professional anchor? Explore the similarities and see how an AI presenter can be an effective alternative to traditional presenters.

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