Transforming Broadcasting with AI and Digital Humans

Beijing TV

Beijing Radio and Television Station (BTV), formerly Beijing Media Network, is a government-owned television network in China. Beijing Radio and Television Station broadcasts on multiple platforms, including AM, FM, cable FM, digital radio, digital TV, and online, offering a wide range of options for viewers to tune in.

Beijing TV and DeepBrain AI collaborated to create "Time Xiaoni," a new broadcast-level digital human. This innovative project merges advanced technology with traditional media outlets and sets new standards in digital human technology. "Time Xiaoni" offers immersive content experiences and redefines audience interaction with media. This collaboration is set to transform the broadcasting industry and change how people consume content.

Debut at the Innovation Summit

During the 2nd China Radio and Television Media Convergence Development Conference, the Beijing Radio and Television Broadcasting Station introduced "Time Xiaoni" for the first time. The event featured a live host and her AI twin conversing side-by-side, blurring the line between reality and simulation. This impressive display showcased the station's dedication to technological progress and set the stage for future innovations in the broadcasting industry.

Emphasis on User Interaction

"Time Xiaoni" redefines user engagement in broadcasting by prioritizing personalized interactions with their audience and moving away from traditional one-way anchors. By utilizing AI to generate natural and contextually relevant conversations, "Time Xiaoni" offers a more immersive and engaging experience for its viewers.

Enriching User Experience

Beijing TV plans to integrate "Time Xiaoni" into the Beijing Time mobile app to improve the user experience and expand its service reach. This strategic move aims to provide users seamless access to conversational AI human features and further set the station's tech-forward image.

Elevating Brand Presence

Beijing TV plans to enhance the brand presence of their in-house hosts, such as Chunni, by using AI Anchor technology to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This approach not only strengthens the station's position but also sets trends in digital human technology, further elevating its brand presence and influence.

Pioneering New Frontiers

"Time Xiaoni" represents a major advancement in digital human technology and sets new standards for media engagement. This innovative collaboration between Beijing Radio and Television and DeepBrain AI paves the way for future developments in the broadcasting industry.

By prioritizing user interaction and experience, "Time Xiaoni" offers viewers a unique and informative experience that has never been seen before. With this new technology, traditional media is poised to enter a new era where humans and technology coexist, creating immersive and engaging content experiences together.