Exploring the Impact of AI-Powered Virtual Police Anchors

Beijing Zhongke Dayang

In recent years, AI technology has taken a significant leap, giving rise to AI-powered virtual anchors. Among them is Su Xiaojing, a virtual police anchor created through a collaboration between Mingmang Technology and the Suqian Police in China. Su Xiaojing is a lifelike digital avatar of a real officer, Wang Jinghua, created using deep learning-based voice and video synthesis, and natural language analysis.



Advancing Safety Promotion and Prevention

The primary goal of introducing virtual police anchors like Su Xiaojing is to enhance safety promotion and prevention efforts. These virtual anchors act as innovative promotional tools for law enforcement agencies, improving service efficiency and expanding safety awareness initiatives.

Digital Guardians in Action

Su Xiaojing has already made waves by using platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, and Kuaishou to conduct early warnings and preventive campaigns against telecommunications network fraud. Going forward, virtual police anchors like Su Xiaojing will engage with citizens at various locations, providing safety warnings, promotions, and information on subway TV screens, outdoor billboards, and more. This approach is expected to significantly boost public safety and satisfaction.

A Bright Future of Collaboration

In conclusion, AI-powered virtual police anchors, exemplified by Su Xiaojing, demonstrate the immense potential of AI in enhancing safety, security, and public awareness. This collaboration between technology companies and public agencies points to a promising future where technology plays a pivotal role in creating a safer and more informed society.