Bridging Cultures with AI Voice

China Daily

China Daily, an English-language daily newspaper owned by the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, has collaborated with DeepBrain AI to leverage artificial intelligence technology in media. Together, they have created a 3D AI Journalist named AI Yuanxi, with English and Chinese language capabilities.

Redefining Cultural Research and Interpretation

DeepBrain AI's multilingual text-to-speech capabilities add a new dimension to AI Yuanxi's cultural research and presentation. This collaboration plays a crucial role in introducing and promoting the richness and diversity of Chinese culture to a wider international audience. The AI avatar serves as a tool to delve deeper into the intricacies of Chinese culture.

Showcasing the Strength of Remarkable Traditional Culture

DeepBrain AI's innovative technology not only showcases but also celebrates the unique charm of China's remarkable traditional culture, contributing significantly to its introduction to the world. With an AI Journalist capable of multilingual speech, it effectively conveys the richness, diversity, and dynamism of Chinese culture to their non-Chinese speaking audience.