Revolutionizing Content Creation: AI-Powered Dr. Esther Formula

Esther Formula

"Esther Formula" is a brand of health supplements created by Dr. Esther, a preventive medicine Ph.D. from Seoul National University. The brand name combines "Esther," representing Dr. Esther's identity, with "formula," which signifies the careful crafting of nutritionally balanced solutions.


The Challenge of Esther Formula

Dr. Esther has a demanding and busy schedule, which limits her ability to film content in person. To solve this issue, Esther Formula worked with DeepBrain AI to create an AI-powered digital replica of Dr. Esther, known as "AI Esther.” AI Esther replicates Dr. Esther's appearance, voice, and mannerisms perfectly.

Pioneering a New Path: AI Esther, Your Virtual Medical Expert

AI Esther was used to create 27 pieces of AI-generated content on YouTube. These videos helped boost Esther Formula's YouTube account, ranking it in the top 100. AI Esther covered a wide range of topics, including the latest advancements in medical research, health tips, and more. The results were impressive, especially considering that the videos were created simply by typing text into the AI video generator.

Expanding Horizons: 27 AI-Generated Content Pieces

These 800+ AI-generated videos have an average of 5,000 views per video. Collectively, they achieved a noteworthy milestone by ranking in the top 100 of YouTube's most viewed content. This achievement is particularly satisfying, given the resources invested in the project.



Making Waves: YouTube Success and Top 100 Ranking

This novel approach not only demonstrates the potential of AI-human collaboration but also showcases the transformative power of technology in content creation. By seamlessly combining the expertise of Dr. Esther Formula with the capabilities of AI Esther, the barriers of limited availability and subject matter constraints were effectively overcome. The success of this endeavor serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when human knowledge is combined with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.