Transforming Financial Product Descriptions with AI at Eugene Investment & Securities

Eugene Investment & Securities

Introducing AI-Enhanced Financial Product Explanation System

Eugene Investment & Securities developed an innovative AI-powered system in collaboration with DeepBrain AI to prevent incomplete sales of financial products and strengthen consumer protection.

Elevating Consumer Protection and Satisfaction

Eugene Investment & Securities collaborated with DeepBrain AI to implement a customer support system that utilizes an AI-powered virtual human engine and advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology.

Customers can interact with Eugene Investment & Securities' AI-powered virtual assistant to receive answers to their financial or product inquiries. The assistant behaves and communicates like a real human, making the conversation natural, engaging, and, most importantly, informative.

Sales personnel at Eugene Investment and Securities are also incorporating AI avatars into their face-to-face product sales discussions, where the system is used to reduce discrepancies in employee product explanations and contribute to more accurate information dissemination.

Furthermore, with AI Studios, Eugene Investment & Securities can create videos quickly and easily to provide a comprehensive delivery of complex information. After testing the system with Equity-Linked Bonds (ELB) products, they discovered its ability to condense a 30-page investment prospectus into a 10-minute video.

Enabling Tailored Customer Consultations

AI assistants like the one developed by Eugene Investment & Securities and DeepBrain work to reduce the burden on employees by handling basic pitches, queries, and explanations. This allows sales staff to focus on more essential and impactful tasks and also allows them more time to respond to complex inquiries. An AI financial assistant helps to provide personalized and thorough customer care and consultations.

Upholding Financial Consumer Rights and Investment Culture

The implementation of AI human-powered solutions allows Eugene Investment & Securities to streamline the sales process of financial products while providing quality customer support. This initiative contributes to consumer protection and fosters a culture of efficient yet comprehensive investment practices.

To learn more about our AI-powered solutions and their impact, please visit our website or contact our dedicated support team.