Revolutionizing Broadcasting: DeepBrain AI and Great Wall Media

Great Wall Media

DeepBrain AI technology has sparked innovation in the long-standing, traditional broadcasting model.

Great Wall Media has partnered with DeepBrain AI to develop AI announcers that help supplement their real-life announcers. These AI announcers can handle segments, freeing up time for real announcers, while still engaging audiences through realistic speech, appearance, and gestures.



DeepBrain AI: Modernizing Great Wall Media's Announcers

DeepBrain AI's AI humans are leading the industry for AI avatars by replicating human appearance, speech styles, and natural body movements. With the help of DeepBrainโ€™s AI Studios, creating broadcast-ready videos is a breeze and can be done in just a few minutes by Great Wall Mediaโ€™s staff.

The AI announcers created for Great Wall Media are just the beginning of what's possible with AI avatars. The user-friendly interface of AI Studio makes it easy to input your desired text and bring AI humans to life. Whether you're creating news videos, educational content, or anything in between, our AI humans are the perfect solution to help you achieve your goals.