AI Concierge Service at Novotel Dongdaemun


Seamless Interaction with AI

KT-DeepBrainAI and KT have introduced an innovative AI concierge service at the Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun Hotel & Residence in Seoul's Jung-gu district. With this service, an AI hotel staff, created using DeepBrainAI's video synthesis solution "AI Human," appears on the screen and uses KT's "Giga Genie Inside" technology to recognize user questions and provide real-time responses.

Enhancing User Experience

KT has ensured that the AI is user-friendly, even for those less familiar with IT devices, and has implemented natural gestures such as speaking and blinking for a seamless experience. To ensure usability in noisy environments, the service is equipped with its own speech recognition solution, AISE. Building on the success of their AI concierge service, KT plans to further integrate artificial intelligence into their hotel digital transformation (AI) initiatives.