First-of-its-Kind Initiative Driving Commerce Innovation

Lingxi Shenzhi Technology

Lingxi Shenzhi and DeepBrain AI have collaborated to introduce the first-ever AI avatar for online commercial purposes in China, setting a new industry standard. Together, they have developed a personalized live digital virtual streamer for online sales.

Lingxi Shenzhi is a Chinese start-up founded in 2023 that specializes in generative AI-powered tools and strategies for live broadcasting, short-form videos, and digital marketing. The real-time AI avatar is an innovative addition to their arsenal of tools, representing a major leap forward in innovating in a highly dense and competitive e-commerce market.




A Virtual Symphony of Engagement

Live digital virtual streamers are a new concept in the world of online commercial purposes. These virtual streamers offer an engaging experience similar to real-world streaming broadcasts. They are portrayed as virtual characters or personas, offering a captivating array of content while interacting with their audience. This innovative approach holds the potential to reshape how products and services are marketed and communicated.

Navigating the Future

The collaboration between Lingxi Shenzhi and DeepBrain AI has introduced a custom live digital virtual streamer for commerce purposes, which is set to revolutionize customer engagement and brand communication. To ensure success, meticulous planning and execution are required, including well-crafted content creation, strategic interaction approaches, and astute marketing tactics. This visionary step combines the realms of technology and commerce, promising a positive trajectory in both the current and future digital landscape.