Transforming News Production: Korea's Debut AI Anchor


South Korea has introduced an AI anchor to its domestic broadcasting scene. This article explores how the AI anchor has streamlined the news creation process.



Overcoming Past Challenges:

The workload of Maeil Broadcasting Network's (MBN) main anchor, Kim Juha, often poses a challenge. Due to her celebrity status in Korea, her schedule is frequently packed. News production involves significant resources to prepare Kim Juha for filming, including making sure she is camera-ready and has all the facts, which all requires a team of people to perform.

To address these challenges, an AI anchor was developed by DeepBrain AI for MBN. Modeled after the real Kim Juha, AI Kim supplements and delivers news programs when the real Kim Juha is unavailable.

Revolutionizing News Production:

Traditional news outlets face similar challenges as MBN. News production involves numerous pre- and post-preparation tasks, such as camera and technology setup, costume changes, makeup, and video editing, which can consume significant resources and time.

Fortunately, AI anchor technology offers an easy and fast solution. It can quickly generate and share news reports, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional approaches.

AI anchor technology can provide real-time news updates, ensuring swift and timely coverage, even in unexpected events like a wildfire breaking out in the early hours of the morning. AI anchors eliminate the need to prepare a real anchor to appear on screen, which can be time-consuming in a time-sensitive situation.

Real-Time Advantage:

AI anchors have revolutionized news production by offering an easy and fast solution to the challenges faced by traditional news outlets. Their ability to provide real-time news updates is a crucial advantage in today's fast-paced media landscape.

By entering text, AI Studios can instantly generate a video with a realistic AI human video, making AI anchor technology a cost-effective alternative to traditional approaches.

With Korea's introduction of the first domestic AI anchor, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of innovative journalism, and as technology continues to advance, the role of AI anchors in news delivery is expected to expand, bringing about a significant transformation in the world of broadcasting and media.