Revolutionizing News Production: AI Studios Leads the Way

Metro Media

MetroMedia, capturing journalists' sweat and passion, is a 'citizen's newspaper' that has established an easily accessible online and offline platform throughout the city. It provides in-depth and accurate economic news and information about domestic and international securities, businesses, and more, without discrimination.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the news media industry must evolve to keep pace. To stay ahead of the curve, MetroMedia has partnered with DeepBrain AI to reimagine news production for the digital age.

The AI Announcer: Revolutionizing News Production

At the heart of this collaboration is the AI Announcer, a Digital Human created by DeepBrain's AI Studios. This powerful tool has reinvented the way MetroMedia produces news content.

With AI Studio’s ability to create broadcast-quality videos using only text, the AI Announcer has become the driving force behind MetroMedia's video production process. The AI Anchor allows them to scale engaging news segments that capture their audience's attention and deliver updates promptly and professionally.

Speed and Quality: Redefining News Updates

With the AI Announcer in their arsenal, MetroMedia can expedite the creation of news videos without compromising on quality. Real-time reporting has taken on a new meaning, ensuring that their audience receives updates faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Embracing Tomorrow: The Future of News Media

The partnership between MetroMedia and DeepBrain represents a commitment to the development of news production. By combining AI capabilities with journalistic integrity, they are setting new standards for informative and captivating news delivery.

The AI Announcer is just the beginning of the transformation in news production, as MetroMedia continues to explore the possibilities of AI technology in journalism.

Continuing to Lead the Way

Looking to the future, MetroMedia is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry by embracing the power of AI. By combining the latest in AI technology with their journalistic expertise, they are providing their audience with the best possible news experience. By focusing on innovation, speed, and creativity, they are rewriting the narrative of news media for a digital audience and setting new standards for the industry.