Boosting Efficiency with AI Human in Insurance Planning Explanation

Mirae Asset Life Insurance

Previous Challenges and Unveiling an Innovative Solution

Mirae Asset Life Insurance has recognized that customers often face difficulty in reading and understanding conventional product manuals.

Unveiling an Innovative Approach

To address this issue, Mirae Asset Life Insurance innovated by converting complex manuals into short, AI-generated videos that are easy to digest and comprehend. These videos provide an engaging and informative overview of Mirae's products and capabilities to customers. By using video-format guides, the company offers a more approachable and less intimidating way to deliver technical and unfamiliar information.

Enhancing User Experience

With these transformative video guides, customers no longer need to scratch their heads to decipher dense manuals. AI-enhanced human videos aim to simplify complex technical information for easy comprehension. Mirae Asset Life Insurance uses AI Studio to quickly create and distribute information while adding a human touch for increased clarity and engagement.

Ultimately, AI-generated videos enhance the user's experience, save valuable time, and ensure customers receive and understand all the information they need.