Innovative Integration of AI Human for Comprehensive Online Guidance

Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Seoul National University of Science and Technology implemented an innovative integration of AI human to offer comprehensive online guidance to their services.

Pioneering a New Era

Seoul National University of Science and Technology introduced an online admission information service using AI technology solutions from DeepBrain AI. This replaces the traditional method of answering admission queries via telephone, making the process more efficient and accurate.

Empowering Prospective Students

The adoption of AI Human has revolutionized the management of admission-related inquiries. What used to be a time-consuming process of attending to numerous calls and addressing queries manually has now been streamlined and automated. By harnessing the power of AI, the university has significantly reduced response times while simultaneously enhancing the quality of information provided to prospective students.

Gone are the days of lengthy wait times and repetitive queries. With AI Human's intelligent text-to-speech technology, a vast spectrum of admission-related questions can now be answered promptly and effectively. The use of this innovative approach caters to the preferences of the modern generation, who are used to quick and accurate digital interactions.