Elevating Internal Excellence: Woori Bank's AI Models Lead the Way

Woori Bank

AI Human Models for Woori Bank's Internal Services

In a pioneering move towards enhancing internal operations with AI technology, Woori Bank welcomed virtual representatives to be employed in their bank's operations.

These virtual employees include an arsenal of young to middle-aged male and female AI models designed to assist their human coworkers with day-to-day tasks.

Virtual Companions for Enhanced Services

In today's fast-paced work environment, employees need all the support they can get.

With AI-powered coworkers, employees can be guided through complex processes and have all their queries answered quickly and efficiently. Additionally, digital humans can be personalized to suit the specific needs and preferences of each real human employee.

The convenience and accessibility provided by AI humans allow for a more streamlined process to enhance overall productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Addressing Every Demographic

Woori Bank is committed to serving all age groups and generations. They introduced a middle-aged AI model to their workforce specifically designed to foster a sense of familiarity and relatability.

This approach ensures that employees of all ages can connect with and benefit from AI-driven assistance.

AI for Learning and Communication

DeepBrain AI’s AI avatars play a pivotal role in creating educational content for internal training at Woori Bank.

AI-powered digital humans are used to create videos that communicate information effectively across the organization, facilitating seamless knowledge sharing and transfer. They also help simplify complex concepts and make learning engaging and efficient.

This is just another example of Woori Bank's dedication to providing innovative and efficient solutions that enhance learning, communication, and engagement across all levels of the organization.

Engaging Internal Events

Woori Bank's AI-powered human employees bring a fun and interactive element to internal operations and events. They can host sessions, run workshops, and interact with employees — engaging, entertaining, and educating them.

By integrating AI human models into their internal workflow, Woori Bank demonstrates their commitment to innovation and employee satisfaction. They provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance learning, communication, and engagement across all levels of the organization, setting a new standard for the banking industry.