Innovating Donation Experiences Through Digital Collaboration

World Vision

World Vision is a global NGO that is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable children, families, and communities around the world escape poverty and inequality. Rooted in the practice of God's love, World Vision collaborates with diverse partners to create sustainable change and foster a better future.

The Birth of a New Donation

World Vision sought to explore new ways of raising funds by leveraging virtual events and collaborating with DeepBrain. The project aimed to create a more impactful donation experience by using advanced digital technologies, rather than traditional methods, and creating lasting memories for children and parents while encouraging donations by employing cutting-edge digital technologies to deliver a more emotionally impactful and meaningful experience.

Impact: Transforming the Digital Donor Experience

Through its collaboration with DeepBrain, World Vision achieved several innovative outcomes.

Firstly, with DeepBrain's advanced video editing capabilities, World Vision created high-quality, emotionally impactful videos without the need for expensive film production resources. The team wrote scripts and text into DeepBrain's AI Studios, which provided the necessary tools to produce personalized videos at a low cost.

Secondly, this innovative approach allowed executives to address individual children by name in video messages, adding a personal touch and granting recipients a sense of being valued and cherished, often involving thousands of children.


This partnership redefined how World Vision conducted its fundraising efforts, using advanced digital tools to enhance the donor experience and connect with children, families, and communities more effectively. This transformative path merges compassion and innovation to break free from poverty and inequality and instill hope in children and families across the globe. Ultimately, this collaboration has created lasting memories for children and parents while encouraging donations, paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future.