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Car Feature Explanation Video

I appreciate your cooperation in AI video production.
I was satisfied because it was made so much better than we thought.

2022 ORMC180 Mid-Annual Report

AI studios was certainly helpful to our team. Please do keep us informed when there are new updates and functions.

New York Billboard Advertising

'Virtual Human Meet Virtual Assistants' Webinar

Real or Fake? Breaking Boundaries with AI

DeepBrain AI's AI studios is adept at creating human-based AI avatars using video synthesis technology.

Mobile Phone News with AI Avatar

Real-Time AI Tutor 'iCan Do'

All avatars in AI Studios give me the feeling of having a 1:1 class with a real tutor. It is a new edtech service.

Company Introduction

Wow! this video was created through AI Studio's AI avatar!
Now anyone can easily create AI videos with just a few clicks.

SlingShot 2022 Pitch

DeepBrain AI is a deep learning-based video synthesis company specialized in creating hyper-realistic AI humans.

Simple 5 Steps to Make a Training Video with AI

Step 1: Choose a template

Select a template that aligns with your training objectives. There are many different types of templates available.

Step 2: Choose your AI presneter

You can choose an AI presenter that fits your corporate style and overall branding to ensure consistency across all your videos.

Step 3: Enter your text

If you copy and paste your created script, the AI avatar will speak naturally, and you can preview it before finalizing the composition.

Step 4: Easy editing

Customize your training video with transitions, music, and stock media. Adjust fonts, and colors, and upload your content for a truly unique video.

Step 5: Generate and share

Once you're satisfied with your video, it can be downloaded, streamed, embedded, and shared with ease using AI Studios.

Why Our AI Tool Outperforms the Competition

Let's examine the reason why so many companies choose us to create videos, compared to other AI video creation tools on the market

Create Training Video

Save time

  • Quick Start: Our pre-designed templates enable you to start creating video content quickly and easily.
  • Idea Elimination: You don't have to worry about brainstorming ideas. Choose from a variety of templates to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Save money

  • Cost Savings: AI video creation tools are a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for expensive production costs.
  • Great Results: In addition to the cost savings, these tools produce high-quality videos comparable to those made by professionals.
Create Training Video
Create Training Video

Less Effort

  • Accessible anywhere: Web-based AI video creation tools are accessible from any device with an internet connection. This allows you to create videos from anywhere, at any time.
  • User-friendly: Using the program is straightforward, even if you are not acquainted with it, and you can use it without the need for elaborate tutorials.

Learn More AI Studios’ Features

Text to video in minutes

It's easy to make with a simple input.

Realisic avatars

50+ photo-realistic AI avatars are ready.

Background audios

Provide a veriety type of music.

80+ Languages

Choose from 100+ voices in 80+ languages.

Gestures like human

Gestures like a human naturally.

High resolution video

Provide pro-level studio quality.

Creative style

Provide wide range of fonts, size, shapes, etc.

Unlimited Download

Download at any time that suits you.


ChatGPT Function

ChatGPT is a large language model that is highly effective for creating training videos. With its advanced natural language processing technology, powered by 'GPT-3' language technology, ChatGPT can generate highly engaging and visually appealing training videos that resonate with viewers.

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