KT signed an MOU with Deepbrain AI

KT's GiGA Genie proved its excellent performance in the smart speaker market, where IT companies around the world are competing. KT announced on April 17 that it signed an MOU with Deepbrain AI, a company specializing in AI Avatars, for cooperation in expanding its Giga Genie business.


What can KT and Deep Brain expect from the artificial intelligence business?

GiGA Genie Inside is a platform that enables GiGA Genie AI to be installed in non-Giga Genie products such as robots, automobiles, home appliances, kiosks, and mobile apps. The cloud-based GiGA Genie AI platform allows KT's partners to create products using KT’s AI technology easily.

DeepBrain AI and KT combined cooperate in developing a new business

KT plans to combine Giga Genie with Deepbrain AI’s AI avatars to create Giga Genie AI Human. Then, they will apply their creativity to AI services based on KT’s GiGa Genie Inside.


KT's GiGA Genie AI Avatar will be able to continue conversations with real people. The two companies expect that their AI human will be able to provide full 24-hour non-face-to-face services in various fields such as media, education, finance, and commerce in the future.


The two companies plan to complete the development of an AI human kiosk equipped with GiGA Genie Inside in the first half of this year and expand the service to the distribution sector, the financial sector, hotels, and resorts within 2022.

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